17 jun. 2008

almost time

Yes almost time for the game Holland-Roemenie (EK soccer). Ok this is not really an important game because we already know we are in the quarter finals, but still I like to watch.

I wanted to show my latest LO with some pink paislee paper (love this brand!). I use also a nice colr of tissuepaper, maskingtape, paint, lace, rhinestones (on the tree) nailheads (papier valise), prima flower, metal thingie (also papier valise, love that site).

I love this picture of Camiel, he is 3,5 years old now, so I wanted to write down some facts about him now. What he can do, likes to do and that he has no pacifier anymore, finally! :

And some details:

It's starting now, so bye

Astrid xxx

3 opmerkingen:

D@nielle zei

wow so lovely !

Birgit zei

Great LO! Love the nailheads!

Petra van Osch zei

Een prachtige layout met lekker veel details om van te smullen!!
Op naar zaterdag, dan mag je weer op de (reserve)bank om naar voetbal te kijken!!