22 jun. 2008


Today we have been to Scheveningen, to the beach. It was very windy, lots of sand blowing in the face. But is was warm and we like the beach. We made lots of pictures. Camiel wanted to go in the water, normally he is not really a hero. So I let him run in his undies and he really enjoyed it. And I enjoyed watching it and of course taking pictures ;)

Camiel and me, here you can see how windy it was.

Yesterday I took some pictures of Tristan enjoying his bucket bath. He puts his feet up, so funny.

Camiel always wants to watch and Tristan is always smiling when he sees Camiel. My hearts melts everytime when I see how they interact.

And at last a LO I realised I didn't show on my blog, I was really satisfied with it.

Title is note to myself, I used the scrap-club may sketch (made by Petra, I was happy to use my square punch ;) and combined it with the OLW challenge of a few weeks ago (think). Journaling: While thinking about it enjoy life more. Also did some therapeutic hidden jounaling ;) The sewing was also kind of therapeutic ;) I don't own a sewing machine, so I did it by hand. And I can officialy say that is a LOT of work... But I like the effect.


Last week I made a new LO, I show you next time, I need to edit the pictures. It a spread something I don't do very often. I am really satisfied, so are you curious now you ;)

I off to feed the little one his last bottle of today and than finally get some rest, tomorrow 6 o'clock my alarm goes off, bzzz. Really hard work getting 2 little boys to daycare and myself to work. ;)

Hugs Astrid

2 opmerkingen:

Petra van Osch zei

Wat ontzettend leuk die foto's en wat is Tristan al weer veranderd! Jullie kunnen in elk geval zeggen dat jullie lekker zijn uitgewaaid!!
Jouw layout vind ik 1 van de allermooiste uit jouw collectie (en dat zeg ik NIET vanwege de schets), hij is heel bijzonder en had wat mij betreft de OLW challenge mogen winnen. (Daarom stond hij vast als eerste in de slideshow...)
Ik ben benieuwd naar je dubbele lo. Vroeger (oei, dat klinkt wel heel lang geleden...) maakte ik alleen maar dubbele lo's omdat ik dat mooier vond staan in het fotoalbum ;)

Groetjes, Petra

D@nielle zei

love the paper & color combo's you used here, very cute.