29 jun. 2008


Weekend is almost over, time flies as usual.
I promised to show my latest LO, a spread about some facts of Tristan at 4 months. I tried to keep it simple this time, I just love this elegant paper by Sassafras. The photo's are of Tristan bathing in a bucket, so sweet. Oh and I almost forgot, fashionista Lisa Garay put it on the catwalk at SIStv, woohoo :D

The seperate pages:

Some detailpictures:

Tristan is already 5 months old now, talking about time flying. He is starting to move a little, not yet turning on his tummy. He can reach for a toy or something and hold it with 2 hands. Also kicks with his feet to the toys.

I'm starting with medical training now, to get stronger and control the pain I have (not all the time, but when I walk a lot for instance). After the first training I had a lot of muscle aches and also pain in my lower back. But I'm hoping it will get better.

I didn't do a lot of scrapping lately. But I am busy with a canvas for my parents to hang in their home in France (they just bought a 2nd house in the north of france, they still have to do a lot of work on the house, redecoration and building). The canvas is so they don't forget us :) I will show the project when I'm finished.
This august we are going to visit them there, I have seen a lot of pictures but I'm still very curious.

Not much to say right now, till next time. If you are visting I love it when you leave a comment!!

Hugs Astrid

11 opmerkingen:

Danielle Muit zei

Een meer dan terechte vermelding op Sis!!!! Wooohoooo voor jou :-)

Francine zei

Hai :-) Wat maak jij mooie dingen!

Petra van Osch zei

De catwalk was helemaal verdiend!! Prachtige, perfecte lo!
Ik ben benieuwd naar je canvas! Leuk idee, daar zullen ze vast blij mee zijn!

Lesli zei

I love your LO - he is a doll!

Birgit zei

Prachtige LO Astrid!!! 'k heb je een award gegeven (zie mijn blog)! :)

M@risk@ zei

Super layout en zeer verdiend op de catwalk. Fijn weekend.

rev zei

wow Astrid, je layout is echt supermooi, en idd wat wordt je mannetje al groot!!

D@nielle zei

love this spread !!

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