14 sep. 2008


So you all had a good weekend? We were at the beach today at 'Hoek van Hollan'd'. The weathe was really nice, I even went barefoot into the sea together with Camiel. It was lots of fun.

A few months ago I mentioned I was busy with a canvas for my parents to hang in their house in France. So they don't forget about us :D (my little family and my sister). .I finally finished it and gave it to them, they loved it. I forgot to take pictures, so I did made some at night at my parents house with their camera, so the pics are not the best and I forgot to take picture of the little minibook that is inside the house with more pictures of us. It is a big canvas, i don't know the size anymore, I think 50x50 cm (20x20 inch). I made the stems with our names (in case they really can't remember ;) ) with Dymo label. The base of the house is a filefolder in which I put a minibook.

Vergeet-mij-nietjes (forget-me-nots)

Maybe I even have more to post tomorrow...
Hugs Astrid

2 opmerkingen:

Lynette zei

Baie mooi vergeet-my-nietjies. Very pretty...I love how your language and mine is related.

South Africa

Petra van Osch zei

Jee wat heb je weer prachtige projecten gemaakt. Het werd ook weer hoog tijd om bij te lezen...!!! Misschien is het hoog tijd om maar weer eens samen te workshoppen!

Groetjes uit het oosten.