14 nov. 2008

Proud boy

Here he is first pulling up till standing, proud boy. So we put the bottom of the box completly down (in case you're concerned...)

Here is another picture of him, people say he really looks like me. If I look at babyphoto's of my sister I can see some resemblence too. So we have a good division Camiel has more of his daddy and Tristan is my boy :) Funny how nature works.
Today we received a birtannouncement, of our dear friends Katja and Ramon, they already had a boy and a girl and now a new boy came into their life: Melvi Ravi. I'm so happy for them, haven't spoken to them yet, but I hope to see the little boy soon.
We are leaving for a little getaway this weekend together with Etienne's 2 sisters + husbands and the 2 kids of his youngest sister (they are 19 + 17 yr's old, so a totally different agecategory as our kids). We go to 'de achterhoek', hope the weather wil be nice for us.
I made pictures of some pages of my december album, hope to post them tomorrow morning.
I also made 2 LO's this week, I will show them too soon.
Of to bed now,
hugs Astrid

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Petra van Osch zei

Dan was je dus (waarschijnlijk) heel dicht bij mij..... Hopelijk hebben jullie een leuk weekend gehad. En als je nog eens naar de Achterhoek wilt ben je van harte welkom!