24 nov. 2008


Yesterday I got tagged by Petra and I have to admit (like you also mentioned Petra) I'm not a big fan of this kind of things. But since I like to read the random facts others write about themselves, I will join.

This are the rules: Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself, some random some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and link their blogs. Let them know they're tagged by leaving a message on their blogs.

#1: In my previous life ;) I was a research analyst on a laboratory. I studied 'hogere laboratorium school' (laboratory school) specialty Biochemistry . I worked on university labs for 7 years (in Leiden and Rotterdam). I did mostly research for inherited diseases, like Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and heart failure. After that I decide to do something completely different and did a retraining (1998) and now I work in the IT sector, first for a consultancy company and now for a energy company. I'm a programmer for the ERP software system: SAP.

#2 I have a title: Ing. (Ingenieur/Ingineer) I think nowadays they call it Bachelor of Science. But I almost never use it actually. What's in a name.

#3 I'm a really chaotic, especially in my head. And it looks like it is getting worse. I want to do so much and in the end I did almost nothing at all. Need to work on that, any suggestions ;)

#4 I always make up songs, especially when I'm busy with my kids. But I don't do it in public (lucky you ;) ) I think Camiel like it, because he starts to join me now and then.

#5 I didn't like being pregnant, don't get me wrong it is something really special (and I can know, because we did so many fertility treatments, so I was longing for for a long time). Sorry I dont want to upset some people. But I was feeling so bad during the whole periodes, it just worned me out (and I'm still not really recovered from the last one). But of course I did it all for the result: 2 healty babies and if I had to do my life over, I would do it all again. But no more pregnancy for me (this life)!

#6 I work with almost all male colleagues, I work in a room for 10 and I'm the only female. But I actually don't really mind. Despite the fact the main subject to talk about is soccer and don't really follow that. I think this is better then working with only females ;)

#7 I just love the beach and sea. I would really love to have a house on the beach (OK one can dream ;) ) Not really for sunbathing, more to walk and play, just looking at the waves and so on.

OK I thought I couldn't came up with 7 facts, but it was actually quite easy.

Now I have to tag other people since most peolpe I can think of are already tagged I don't do that. I invite everybody who wants to do this to join. Maybe let me know, so I can read it, in case I missed it.

Still have to post the LO's I promised last week, but I have no access to my photo's now. So I will do that next time, meanwhile i have created 2 more LO and 1 babycard (which off course I forgot to take a picture of before mailing it).

So no photo's this blogpost, kind of boring.

This morning I had a very difficult start. Camiel was so stubborn and not cooperative. Pfff he was really testing me, I needed to get the boys ready for daycare and of course myself for work. I got so angry, but i could manage myself. But when I arrived at daycare and a few other things had happened meanwhile. I just had a meltdown, not nice... The girls from his group and Tristan's group were really nice, after some talking and a cup of tea, I felt a bit better and decided to drive to work after rushhour, especially with the weathercondition. I got to get myself together and arrived really late at work. This last month of the year is going to be a diffecult time I believe. With school starting for Camiel, his birthday, Sinterklaas, saying goodbye to daycare and so on. He is not most easy going little boy, he can have real moodswings, so that is difficult to handeling sometimes. Of course not all the time, he can be really sweet and happy too (I need to say something positive at the end :) )

Hugs, Astrid

4 opmerkingen:

Lynette zei

We all have little quirks that make us uniquely us!

Danielle Muit zei

Loved to read your 7 facts about you!
And I recognize the part about Camiel...Vlinder can have her moodswings as well. Most of the times I can coop with them but sometimes...I know exactly how you felt this morning!
Big hug, Danielle

D@nielle zei

jeetje wij zijn wel heel erg hetzelfde hoor, scary. Ik ben ook zo chaotish in mijn hoofd heel vermoeiend. Ik probeer het nu te organiseren door een a5 ringband met tabjes te gebruiken om mijn eeuwige lijstjes ed in op te bergen, zodat alles op 1 plek is (tabjes zijn oa div. links, recepten, verrekeningen/voorschieten, MLS, cupcakes, home deco etc.) Ik heb ook een boekje naast mijn bed voor als ik ga malen, dan kan ik alles opschrijven en hoef ik het niet te onthouden en de agenda's goed bijhouden helpt allemaal een beetje. Tja ik heb ook zo'n jantje huilt jantje lacht en meestal lacht hij maar je moet hem goed aanpakken wil hij doen wat je wilt, heel veel gebruiksaanwijzingen die mij beter af gaan dan mijn man want hij luistert echt beter naar mij, lastig dus. Vooral nu, hij is moe en dan is alles moeilijk .... Ik ontplof ook, maar ja wij moeten ook af en toe stoom blazen, jammer alleen dat we ons dan zulke slechte moeders vinden als we dat hebben gedaan. Suc6 meid, voor je het weet is het januari ;)!

Petra van Osch zei

Ook hier een moeder die het een herkenbaar verhaal vindt. Whahaha, hier zeggen ze dan: waarom zou je het beter hebben dan ik.
Daar heb je natuurlijk geen bal aan maar laten we eerlijk zijn: het is gewoon niet altijd leuk en makkelijk om moeder te zijn. Ik hou zielsveel van mijn jongens en wil ze voor niets in de wereld missen maar soms...... een 9-jarige die puberend is geboren en een officiele puber in huis zorgen er wel voor dat ik af en toe behoefte aan een nieuw behangetje heb! Nou hebben mijn boys de leeftijd dat je (kunt proberen) om een goed gesprek met ze aan te gaan maar dat zal voor jou helaas nog niet haalbaar zijn. Diep adem halen en blijven adem halen want wij "super-moeders" kunnen het! Zelfs in december!
En eh... die feitjes zijn erg leuk om te lezen!!

Liefs Petra