7 nov. 2008


for a little update. I have 2 LO's to share.

I just love this picture of the 4 of us. I definately think this LO is missing something. But after days of moving and thinking, I decided to leave this way and start something new. i just dont like unfinished LO's.

Next one is about a conversation between Camiel and us, I really wanted to write it down and tought the speakbubbles of the American Crafts paper were perfect for it. I kept it simple mostly because I really lost my mojo. And lets just pretend the messy sewing was meant to be ;)

Journaling: Daddy, I want to tell you something. Yes love what is it? Well, later when I'm grown up I'm buying an orange car (because orange is my favorite color). And than I take the Garmin (navigation system) and then I go so end so.. Yes? Then I am at grandma and grandpa. And what are you going to do than Camiel? Then I give them lots of kisses and cuddles!

I decided to join the december project Ali Edwards, I just so admire the way she does projects. Her project will be counting down to christmas. I decided to make one, mainly because december will be such a busy month, with so much things going on: First 'Sinterklaas' of course, then on the 13th Camiel turns 4, on the 14th Etienne's birthday, Camiel first day at school, my dad's birthday, christmas, new year's eve. So lots to journal about. I already made the base of the album. so you only have to add a picture and journaling each day. Hope I can keep up.
It was really fun to do, sorry no pictures yet. Are there more people who are joining?

I still need to make my 1 week in my life album, but I'm still planning to do it. I just have been thinking about who and what, maybe a bit to much, that will be my problem. So much to do so little time.

The stomach flu has visited our house too, fortunately me and Tristan has been skipped. But Etienne was ill last weekend and Camiel has diarrhoea for 5 days now, poor boy! In the beginning he felt OK (at least we thought), but it is getting worse, no fever or so, but not really enjoyable and very tired. Etienne is going to see the doctor with him late in the afternoon. He was not really friendly and fun at daycare, yelling and pushing at kids who came in his neighbourhood. Hope he gets better really soon.

Tristan started to crawl a bit, he can sit on his own now and last friday suddly he was standing in his 'box', and proud he was. :D Next time I will try to post some pictures.

Have a nice weekend!

hugs, Astrid

Well thanks god it's friday, weekend almost has started. :) Hope I can find some scrapping time.

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M@risk@ zei

Goh wat een prachtige nieuwe projekten en foto's. Ik heb 'even' teruggelezen op je blog en zag dat ik al een tijdje niet geweest was. Ik wens je een fijn weekend.

Lynette zei

It looks like we are uncomfortable with empty spaces...your layouts are amazing.