28 jan. 2009

OLW: embrace

Here is my LO for the last OLW challenge: embrace. It inspired me to make a LO about myself this is the result:

A happy memory
Last month I made a Lo for a sketch in the magazine SCRAP! I sent it to the magazine so it could possibly be publised, the first I try for me. But now I read that the magazine has stopped, bummer ;) So I can show you the LO now I guess. Another LO about myself, here I was 7 months pregnant. I used a lot of glitter I wrote a qoute on the pink circle paper:

In the end all that matters isn't the things you did, what it's effects are today.
Not the knowledge you have learned, but how you applied it.
Not the word that were said, but how they made you feel.
And most of all not the moments of occurence, but how it's now just a part of our memory...
Everyday we make memories...
Let's paint lives with happy ones.

Next friday it's Tristan's first birthday, talking about time flying... We celebrate it on saturday not to big, I already ordered the cake we a picture on it with Tristan climbing the stairs. Tomorrow I'm making the treats for daycare, nothing too fancy and complicated.



18 jan. 2009

More LO's and iceskating pics

OK the ice is almost disappeared right now but last week we had wonderful ice for skating. And that is what we did. We love it here are some pics, I was behind the stroller on skates.

And here are a lot of LO from last weeks, finally keeping up with posting the pics.

10 months
All the facts of Tristan at 10 months, I'm glad I kept up with doing this every 2 months.
I added the holes to the die-cut (Crate paper) with my crop-o-dile. Mostly stuff of studio calico ki of december.

1e Sint feestje
Picture of Tristan at my workplace when 'Sinterklaas' came to visit us. He is on the stage when all the kids were getting their presents somewhere else. I love that you see the poem behind him on the wall.

Merry christmas
Love this blurry picture of Tristan with christmastree lights in the background and Etienne feeding him. Journaling is about Tristan's first christmas. About that we were all ill, but we managed to make it a nice time. I'm in love with this pink paisley alphabet stamps, can't stop using it, :) Kijk wat ik kan (look what I can do)
Tristan at 10 months, he discovered how to clap and he is having so much fun with it. Didn't I told you I'm in love with these stamps ;)
Winter wonderland
Pictures of dec '07 whe we had this wonderful weather with all the frost on the trees, last week we had the same weather so I took a lot more pictures :)
Dat kun je wel zien dat is hij
3 jaar, dat kun je wel zien dat is hij (yes you can see it's him) That is part of a dutch birthdaysong. Camiel turned 4 last month so I thought it was time to scrap him 3rd birthday pictures ;)
Perfect day
Pictures of little walk with the family on old years day. When I say the picture I tought about the Lou Reed song: Just a perfect day.

Picture of Tristan when he was 2,5 week old, in 2 weeks he turns 1 year old, time flies...

OK that's it for now, need to make pictures of my last LO's in daylight.
See you.
Hugs, Astrid

14 jan. 2009


My take on the OLW challenge of last week: start. I was mentioned in the slideshow on their blog :)

Frisse start van het nieuwe jaar
Fresh start of the new year. Made this picture during new years eve. We woke up Camiel at 12 'o clock to wish him happy new year an to light some kids fireworks. I was surprised by the picture I made without flas at 3200 ISO. Love the special feeling about this picture, journaling is on the tag behind the picture.

Looking forward to see what the new word is today. Planning to join the challenges as much as I can , really love this challenges, they make me think differently about my stories to tell.




OK I was planning to this already for weeks: posting LO's. You were already giving up on me weren't you?? I made these in november/december, so already old stuff for me ;)

Tristan = 8 maanden

All the facts about Tristan at 8 months. He is already 1 year in a few weeks, time flies, but I'm glad I keep up with recording the facts every 2 months (I already made a LO about 10 months).
Journaling (in dutch)
Funny kid
An autumn photoshoot picture of Camiel, I try to record the funny things he says but it so hard to actually doing the wrinting down.... (and I still think I will remember...) This is hard to translate. If something happens he always says 'Ohhh dat geeft toch niet erg!'.

Baby on the move
First attempts of Tristan to move on the ground backwards (tijgeren).

Eerste schooldag
First schoolday of Camiel, a tryout just before he turned 4. Itwas so much fun to peek trough the window and saw him singing together with all the kids when I picked him up. A double LO for a change, too much pictures. I used an autumn leaves for the journaling. Really c
lean and simple I think.
Left page

Right page

This photo was made when Sinterklaas was visiting my workplace. Camiel thought it was really exciting and only wanted to be with us i.s.o. sitti ng with the kids up front.
Quote: I can not think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for father's protection. Sigmund Freud.
This it for now, otherwise it will be an overload... Next time I have more.
Hugs Astrid

3 jan. 2009

Happy New year

First of all best wishes for 2009! A bit late, but may all your wishes come true!

I want to sum up what we did in the rest of december wit some pictures.

Tristan learned something new, he can clap now and he likes it a lot ;)

The 23th was my dad's birthday, we celebrated it the 21 th. Camiel and I made a house for him, that was so much fun!

Tristan is exploring and exploring. So muxh fun for him ;) Here he is checking out a kitchencupboard.

Then I got the flu, really troatpain. I got antibiotics and was almost ill for a week
Om first christmasday we celebrated it with dinner at my parents. My mum and sister had made lovely food and it was the first normal diner I could eat. Camiel got this fun candle.

2nd christmas day, we were at home. Camiel got chickenpox (and TRistan a few days later). And Etienne started with the flu. But we managed to eat our diner (gourmet).

On the 31th I bought this double skates for Camiel, so he could try his first steps on ice.

After that we did a nice stroll around at my parents town (Rhoon).

At new years even we were also at home. We woke up Camiel at 12 o' clock so he could light some sterretjes (stars, kids fireworks). I managed to make some nice mystic pictures (at ISO 3200).

I post some of my last LO's I made in a later post, promise!!
hugs Astrid