3 jan. 2009

Happy New year

First of all best wishes for 2009! A bit late, but may all your wishes come true!

I want to sum up what we did in the rest of december wit some pictures.

Tristan learned something new, he can clap now and he likes it a lot ;)

The 23th was my dad's birthday, we celebrated it the 21 th. Camiel and I made a house for him, that was so much fun!

Tristan is exploring and exploring. So muxh fun for him ;) Here he is checking out a kitchencupboard.

Then I got the flu, really troatpain. I got antibiotics and was almost ill for a week
Om first christmasday we celebrated it with dinner at my parents. My mum and sister had made lovely food and it was the first normal diner I could eat. Camiel got this fun candle.

2nd christmas day, we were at home. Camiel got chickenpox (and TRistan a few days later). And Etienne started with the flu. But we managed to eat our diner (gourmet).

On the 31th I bought this double skates for Camiel, so he could try his first steps on ice.

After that we did a nice stroll around at my parents town (Rhoon).

At new years even we were also at home. We woke up Camiel at 12 o' clock so he could light some sterretjes (stars, kids fireworks). I managed to make some nice mystic pictures (at ISO 3200).

I post some of my last LO's I made in a later post, promise!!
hugs Astrid

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Birgit zei

Leuke foto's! Zo te zien hebben jullie een leuke tijd achter de rug!