14 jan. 2009


OK I was planning to this already for weeks: posting LO's. You were already giving up on me weren't you?? I made these in november/december, so already old stuff for me ;)

Tristan = 8 maanden

All the facts about Tristan at 8 months. He is already 1 year in a few weeks, time flies, but I'm glad I keep up with recording the facts every 2 months (I already made a LO about 10 months).
Journaling (in dutch)
Funny kid
An autumn photoshoot picture of Camiel, I try to record the funny things he says but it so hard to actually doing the wrinting down.... (and I still think I will remember...) This is hard to translate. If something happens he always says 'Ohhh dat geeft toch niet erg!'.

Baby on the move
First attempts of Tristan to move on the ground backwards (tijgeren).

Eerste schooldag
First schoolday of Camiel, a tryout just before he turned 4. Itwas so much fun to peek trough the window and saw him singing together with all the kids when I picked him up. A double LO for a change, too much pictures. I used an autumn leaves for the journaling. Really c
lean and simple I think.
Left page

Right page

This photo was made when Sinterklaas was visiting my workplace. Camiel thought it was really exciting and only wanted to be with us i.s.o. sitti ng with the kids up front.
Quote: I can not think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for father's protection. Sigmund Freud.
This it for now, otherwise it will be an overload... Next time I have more.
Hugs Astrid

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Birgit zei

Yep, ik had het idd al een beetje opgegeven :) Fijn dat je er weer bent! Prachtige LO's!

D@nielle zei

heerlijk beziggeweest zeg, ik ben jaloers ;)