27 jul. 2009

Almost on holiday

It's been a month exactually, so it's about time.

Camiel has already 2 weeks vacation. So once in a while we do something fun and he visits the BSO (after school care) where the also do fun stuff like bowling and going to the movies, so he is enjoying himself. And we almost go to France visiting my parents there and 1 week we stay in a mobile-home in the Sout of France on a campplace right next to the beach. So much looking forward to it!!

In the meanwhile I have done some scrapping. This is the result:

He loves the kermis
Pictures made on last queensday on a fair. Camiel Loved avery bit of it :) Letters are cut out of studio calico paper. I smeared distres ink onto white dotted bazzil cardstock as background.

Mannendag (menday)

While I was at work and the kids had a day off, my DH and 2 sons watched a DVD together and of course some popcorn. I think this picture is so cute.

I wrote a qoute with silver gelpen on the picture, I used walnut veneer, a metal butterfly, vintage buttons, I made the 'vines of the flower with metalthread.
I really love the colors in the LO and the texture.


Studio Calico kit. Pictures of Camiel balancing on a cord during a party of the daycare/ after school care.

I'm busy with a minbook for Tristan with picturecollages of him from birth till 1 year old. I'm almost finished yeah, I'm glad because i'm afraid I didn't finish it at all if I waited any longer. Only some journaling to write, and a little pimping the front, and I'm a happy girl. I think it so much fun to see how much a child change in its first year. Pictures will follow...
That's it for now. Enjoy the summer and your holiday!
Hugs Astrid