27 dec. 2009

3e kerstdag (third christmasday)

Yes it's me again ;)
Today it's '3rd' christmasday, Etienne really hates this when someone says this. ;) We celebrate 1st and 2nd christmasday here in the Netherlands, because the day after that is a sunday, many people call it a 3rd.
Have you seen my new blogheader, I thought it was time for a little change, a pic with both the boys.
How was your christmas? The first we had a nice breakfast together and in the afternoon we went to my parent where we had a really nice diner with my sister too.
The 2nd day we were home, didn't do much, just chillin' ;) On our dinner was a fishgourmet. The boys didn't feel like sitting stil at the table for a very long (actually also not for a short time...) So not really a succes... Maybe next year...
Today we went to Scheveningen to walk a little on the beach and we went to Sealife, ate early at Binkie Beer. A nice day.

A fun pic before 1 of the 2 christmastrees. It's hard to get a good one of both the boys...

Tristan loves shoes ;) Here his is in my snowboots, he really is a clown.
Camiel, he looked so handsome in his christmas outfit =)

I asked my sister to take a picture of us 4, the weather was gray so I had the ISO high, result really grainy pics :(
And a new LO, made with the Studio Calico kit Orchestra. Which was so yummy, right Petra ;)
I'm in love with the month stamps, I think I'm gonna use them on every Lo, or is that a bit over the top??
1 add-on contained a printer tray by 7Gypsies, planning to make something really soon with that. And today was the reveal of the new kit already, again gave in and ordered 2 add-ons, a my credit card... ALso ordered another printer tray in white this time. Fun stuff.
Eindelijk (finally)
Everytime I look for a good picture of my mom and Camiel, I found nothing... Funny faces, closed eyes (especially my mon ;) ) But finally in France I got my picture!!

I am home the whole week together with the kids. And we go the weekend of newyears eve to a Landal Green park in Drente together with friends who have 3 kids. So that gonna be fun I think.

Hugs Astrid

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Jeanet zei

Heej, in Drenthe...dat is dicht bij mij!!!
Prachtige layouts Astrid!
En super leuke foto's van je kids en met je hele familie..mooi!!
Ik wens je een gelukkig,creatief maar vooral gezond nieuw jaar!

Marit zei

Kom even langswippen om je een heeeeeeel gelukkig 2010 te wensen!!!

Anoniem zei
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Petra van Osch zei

Hoi Astrid: gelukkig nieuw jaar voor jou en je mannen. Dat we elkaar maar wat vaker mogen zien in 2010!

Je hebt een leuke nieuwe banner en al supergave dingen gemaakt Astrid!Eerlijk gezegd ben ik helemaal jaloers want ik heb nul komma nul, nada, niks gedaan. In de week tussen kerst en oud en nieuw, die echt voorbij vloog, heb ik alleen een minialbum voor mijn schoonmoeder gemaakt waar ze helemaal enthousiast over was.... niet dus.... Ik had dus beter zelf kunnen gaan scrappen met al die mooie spullen die op mijn bureau liggen.
Groetjes, Petra