29 jan. 2010

Almost februari

I'm glad you're here again. And I'm glad I am too. ;)
Januari is almost over and I have to say it can't move fast enough towards early spring, really longing for a bit of sun. But I guess I have to wait a while.

But the end of januari means another birthday around here. Tomorrow is Tristan's 2nd birthday, yes I know time moves on fast. He is changing so much lately, he is learning new words every day. So funny to hear him speak. And he is very naughty and challenging but aren't all boys of 2 that way ;)

Here is a recent picture just let his hair cut this week. He loves bags and stuff where he can put things in, lately I'm looking a lot for things he has stuffed somewhere...

And some of my LO's I made the last month.

Presents: Tristan unwrapping his presents on 'Sinterklaas' evening, with the help of the bigger kids, he was really enjoying himself. I used some older supplies, like the HS letterstickers.
Sinterklaas: Another Lo about Sinterklaas, this time Camiel who made a drawing and he went on stage to give it to the Sint himself, so proud of him, he is no big hero about such things usually.
A very simple LO, just wanted the story to be told.

High up in the sky: Me on a balloon ride I did with my work department, a wonderful experience, We had to make 3 appointments before we finally went (all depends on the wind). And the sassafras was of course perfect paper for this LO.

Art by Camiel: A drawing of Camiel, he said it was me and dad, so what do you think? ;)

It's my party: pictures of Camiel his first kids birthdayparty, I used a Studio Calico sketch for this (they have one every sunday, I love a good sketch challenge, always a time to do something different)
Dag sneeuwman (bye snowman): Etienne and Camiel built this snowman before our house and the next morning it was gone, didn't know snowman could walk...
I sewed the stargarland with jute the star is a punch of fiskar. Also some red mist on craft cardstock.
Sweetest miracle: An older picture of Tristan (3,5 months old), I used a poem, hope you can read it. Used SC Whodunit kit (+ add-on). Lots of Basic Grey, I'm in love with all the yellow and green in this line. The twine and jute is also from SC.

Perfect blurry picture: Ahhh this yellow, I could just eat it (Ok that's strange, but it's jus so yummie). I loved this family picture we made on our holidayweekend, but it was dark already, I used high iso, so it's blurry, bummer. But I like it too much not to use.

5: Camiel on his 5th birthday. Trying to make a nice picture with his 5 fingers and this is the best I could get. I think I'm in need for a photography course. I thought I was pretty briliant ;) when I came up with the idea of made a big 5 using journaling.

I have a few more but I think I let you hanging here, too much pictures in one post otherwise. But i alread put them in my gallery at SC, 2P and SisTV if you just can't stand it :D
Have a nice weekend, mine alreay started today because I took the day of and I'm home alone, so I know what I will be doing this afternoon (a pile of scrapgoodies are calling my name...)

4 opmerkingen:

Marit zei

Ik had er al een stel op SIStv gezien, mooie layouts weer Astrid! Die ballonvaart ziet er vrolijk uit! Leuk he, als papier precies past bij wat je wilt... fijn verjaardagsweekend (wat een liefie!) gewenst!

lisa truesdell zei

that journaling 5 is awesome! loving all of these pages - they have gorgeous details.

i havea very 2 year old boy so i can sympathize on that - they're something else, aren't they??

D@nielle zei

wow mooie lo's zeg ! Ik heb zeker een paar favo's ertussen. Wat gaat het snel he ;)

Jeanet zei

Wow...prachtige layouts Astrid!Echt allemaal!Ik vind die vjf helemaal geweldig!
Alsnog ,beetje erg laat, van harte gefeliciteerd met Tristan..wat gaat de tijd snel!