11 apr. 2010


Yes I'm on a roll with posting =)
About a month ago I finally did it, dit what?? Nothing really crazy, but I bought a sewingmachine, something I have been wanting for a while, but I have no room where I can put it to use it right away. But the more i saw LO's with sewing on it, the more I wanted it, so I cave in. Now I have to put it on the diningtable (where I scrap) everytime I want to use it, which is of course not ideal (because the threshold to use it is a bit higher), but you can't have it all...

Friday I made a LO where I used it. What do you think?

Spelen in de tuin (playing in the garden: I used again older pictures of Camiel (because I ran out of printed new ones). In the pictures he is 2,5 yrs old (he has a black eye, I think it was the time he fall out of the highchair, oops) I used for journaling a funny quote of him. Sorry I don't think I can translate it in english, but trust me it was funny ;)

Etienne was busy today with preparing the walls of our hallway and and the staircase. Because in 1,5 week we have someone over who is gonna treat the walls. Can't wait to see what the result will be. Since the beginning that we live here (10 yrs ago), I was not really satisfied about it, so it was time.
Coming tuesday Etienne has to go to the hospital to get a little operation on his eye. He suffers from a hanging eyelid, it is not really a mayor thing but he really hates it. I hope everything goes well and the result is was he hopes. Maybe I should take a before and after picture.


4 opmerkingen:

Marit zei

Ik moet mijn naaimachine ook altijd helemaal van boven halen (2 trappen!) en op de eettafel zetten om te kunnen gebruiken... maar het is het zeker waard hoor! Het voegt net even iets toe he??? De uitspraak van Camiel is erg grappig! Ennuhh... dat ooglid, is het gelukt? En werd dat door "het ziekenfonds" vergoed? Zou ik graag weten want jaaaa... ik heb ook van die flapjes!!!

Mika zei

Gave lo geworden, leuk met die bloemen. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

Petra van Osch zei

Hé Astrid,

Wat enorm leuk dat je in het DT zit van Memory Lane! Daar wordt ik nou helemaal blij van want dat is zo verdiend!! You rock girl!

En eh, is alles goed met je hubby?

Liefs, Petra

Jeanet zei

Super gaaf!! ik heb hetzelfde "probleem" moet ook alles van tafel gooien en dan kan ik pas de naaimachine gebruiken...en weer verder met de lo ...en dan weer de naaimachine...want dan vind ik dat het nog wel meer kan ;)Nou ja, het houdt ons mooi bezig!
Je LO is prachtig!!