22 mei 2010


Finally time to write about my surpriseparty. Sunday may 9th I turned 40 and on 8 may Etienne organised a surprise (not completely ;)) party, I knew there was a party and that it was not at home. That was all I knew, I noticed there was a lot going on the last days before (calling, texting and secret notes and so), but he kept a lot secret, which is difficult with somebody like me ;P
Etienne told me he had to work in the morning and he would be coming from work to the party (bummer I thought...), my parents came to pick me and the kids up. Of course he wasn't working at all, because he was decorating the partyroom (which belongs to the company he works for) and arranging all kind of things. When we came there I saw lots of people I didn't expect, family I hadn't seen in a long while, neighbors, friends and even a few colleagues (so funny what he did to arrange that). And later more people came, because it was rather lastminute not everybody could make, but I really loved it anyway, it was so so sweet of Etienne. Now the pictures to complete the story, the quality is not that good, due to the lightning (coloured disco light) and a friend took most of the pictures, I didn't brought my point and shoot and she wasn't familiar with a DSLR camera. But anyhow I'm glad to have some shoys to remenber.

Unwrapping a present (I really have been spoiled!)
Etienne arranged a 'salsa' DJ: Miss Unyk. So much fun (Etienne and I met during salsa lessons, so that was the beginning of a long story where salsa is the common thread in our lives (altough nowadays more in Etienne's life than mine).
He also arranged a girl who could watch and play with the kids, how smart was that ;) There were 2 footbaltables and and als pinball, they could also draw a play games.
Camiel really had so much fun, we didn't get much contact with him most of the time.
Not only for the young kids ;)
Etienne did a little speech which was really sweet, wish I could remember the words, it was all so overwhelming. He also had a special present a necklace with a heart locket with a picture of the kids in it. I need to make a picture of it.

We had a little buffet.
Look at Tristan in between my parents, he insisted that he was eating at the bar ;)

Look Petra: here I am unwrapping your present, which was a surprise which she sent to Etienne's work. Etienne also invided her but she couldn't make it. I loved your present Petra! ( a scrapmagazine, a homemade card, scrapgoodies and a coupon to buy a scrapmagazine), so so nice. I told you I was really spoiled!!
us. :)
And then they had that idea to dance a rueda (salsa with more dance couples) you should know I really didn't dance in ages (ok in years), so I was a bit shocked and everything was really rusty. But who cares. A friend of Etienne: Leon also did a little salsa workshop, people really liked that.
A couple of the kids, they were really enjoying themselves, I really liked that.
A little dance with the 3 of us, Tristan said that Camiel needed to join (so sweet), but no Camiel was too occupied with the pinball machine...

Thanks so much sweetie for the great day/evening.

I have some LO's I want to share, but that's for next time :)
Enjoy the rest of the weekend, we really had nice weather today, hope to enjoy some more tomorrow :)


3 opmerkingen:

Petra van Osch zei

Wow, dat is een verjaardag met mooi herinneringen geworden! Ik baalde vreselijk dat ik niet kon komen en heb het hopelijk een beetje goed gemaakt met mijn pakje. Zullen we alvast voor de 50 inplannen, whahaha??!!

D@nielle zei

wat leuk zeg, een lieverd dat hij dat heeft georganiseerd voor je !

Jeanet zei

Wow..wat een gaaf feestje Astrid!
Zo lief dat Etienne dat valemaal voor jou en de kids geregeld heeft!