1 mei 2010


Yesterday we celebrated queensday, the weather could have been better, but in the afternoon it stopped raining, so it also could have been worse. We went to Delft in the afternoon, we were there last year and because we liked it we decided to go again this year. Camiel bought 2 boardgames on the 'fleamarket' where everybody can sell their old stuff on the street. We also went to the fair (kermis) which Camiel really likes. We did some rides and Camiel ate cotton candy. It was a nice day. How was your day?

And now about the scrapping stuff, I made 3 LO's, I can show you 2, because 1 is for the next Dutch Dares , don't forget to take a look the blog on next wednesday.

Bro's 4 life: I was happy to get this shot of the 2 monkey's kissing each other (will the hate me in about 10 yrs, or sooner??) They don't always get along that well, especially when they are playing. But they also enjoy each others company. A bit of a 'messy LO' I was just adding stuff to the page without really thinking, don't know if I like it a lot. But I do like the Studio Calico rubons, made it with the SC kit Joyland.

A few weeks ago I did a spontaneous photoshoot with Xena a little girl from Camiel's class who also lives around the corner. I wanted to practise for my photography workshop and the boys are not really willing. But she was, it was so much fun, she was really posing like a model ;) and I really like the pictures I made. So I wanted to scrap them, this the most girly page a made in a long time. Her birthday is may 5th, so I think I give it to her as a present, maybe put it on a canvas so she can hang it in her room, hope she likes it.

Speaking about birthday's mine is in just a week (may 9th on motherday) and I will be turning 40, yikes I'm getting old, can't deny it anymore. Etienne is organizing a party for me, the only thing I know is: that it's not a home, lots of people are coming, there's food involved and I don't have to do anything (normally I'm the one running around when we have a birthdayparty at home). It will be next saturday, I'm looking forward to it. :) I have to think about what wear, maybe I have to do a little shopping ;) what do you think. May 4th is my mothers birthday and we will be celebrating it tomorrow, she will be 64.

The mayholiday has started here. No school for 2 weeks for Camiel. Next week will be working so he is going to the after school daycare, on monday, thursday and friday. Monday they will be going to the pettingfarm and friday to a playground. Hope they have nice weather, the forecast is not that great. The week after that we will be going to France to my parents house, together with my parents.


2 opmerkingen:

Marit zei

Wat leuk, een "meisjes lo"... en wat een lief koppie! Zo'n model in de buurt is natuurlijk geweldig!!! En ja... 40... ik ben er al even overheen maar het is zeker een shop-tripje waard! (wat niet...??hihi) Ik zou het maar doen hoor! Lekker iets nieuws kopen, het is tenslotten je verjaardag EN je mama's verjaardag EN moederdag EN lente...!!!

Jeanet zei

Hey...40 jaar!!! ja...dan moet er zeker geshopt worden hoor!
Wat leuk dat Etienne een feest voor je organiseert!Geniet ervan...enne..het valt mee hoor ;)
het went wel om 40 te zijn;)
Mooie foto's van koninginnedag en je Lo's zijn erg mooi...ik vind het altijd wel mooi om zonder teveel na te denken een Lo te maken!En je stijl vindt ik super!!