1 jun. 2010

Nintendo DS

Last christmasholiday we bought a Nintendo DS for Camiel, he saved for it for months and months. When he stayed 'dry' all day he got 1 or 2 euro's. He still gets accidents when he forgets to go the toilet, so it didn't completly work but it's difficult subject especially when you have a kid that hates to go to the bathroom even more then have wet pants.
But back to the Nintendo DS, it was something he really really wanted and he knew for a long time it would be a red one because that's his favorite color :). He has it for aproximately 6 months now and it is still his favorite thing to play with. Sometimes I get crazy of him asking, 'mom can I play on my Nintendo'. Because he is only 5 we try to minimize it till 1 hour (or 2 times 0,5 hour) per day. But it can be a struggle to let him stop and play with something else. I'm glad the weather is getting better and he likes to played outside more now.

Why do I tell this, well because I like to document it and I also did that on a LO. Voila here it is.
Background paper is SC Anthology, love that red color.


Thanks for looking. Tomorrow the new Dutch Dare sketch callenges goes live. Come and join us, we really appreciate it. I leave you with a little sneak of my LO.


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