31 aug. 2010

few more LO's

Here are the rest of the LO's I promised:

First & last of school: Picture from last schoolyear of Camiel He changed so much I think it is fun now to see this pictures together. (I made pictures frim the first day this year last week, but the are really horrible, maybe I need to make new ones). I decided to make a spread that has been a while, but I love the result actually, I did two 8,5X11 inch pages. I used th SC continental kit (+ addons).

Schoolreis: Pictures of Camiel going on his schooltrip to Avifauna. I used the SC Summer Camp kit. And addes some bits of pieces of other kits ( I never seem  keep it to 1 kit). I notice the red rhinestones I use on nearly every LO. ;)
And the last one.
He wants icecream: A 'simple' LO for a change (and again 8,5X11 inch).  I used mosly the SC Continental kit. The flascard was perfect for it. And again I used a paper umbrella ;)

Thanks for stopping by,
Hugs Astrid

25 aug. 2010

Pictures of out time in France

2 post ago I showed our Texel pictures now it's timefor the pics of our first holiday week in France (Fouvent at my parents 2nd house)

Details of the house
Another detail

There were a lot of nice sunflower fields (when we were in may we saw all coleseed fields, so also yellow) and what was growing in the field ;)
Horen, zien en zwijgen =)
We even saw a little deer, who disappeared into the field the sec. he saw us, but I had my camera ready, yeah!

Trying to make a good picture of the 4 of them, well this one is at least spontanious ;)

Sweet Tristan

Into the wide world

Also lots of cornfields

love this picture =))

Rope pulling ;)

Performance by Tristan on the mouth harp (mond harmonica), he had so much fun dancing and singing and playing. =)

Etienne and I also went 1/2 a day/evening to Dijon (nearly an hour plus 15 min. drive) A very nice city, this are the matket halls, which were already closed unfortunately. I love this markets with fresh fish and fruit and vegetables and so on.

Etienne, it was really nice to spend some time with just the 2 of us.

And of course also a pic of me.

Nice old town

There we are again

We went to a glass blowing factory, were was this statue.

My mom blowing glass

This was the result

Next post I'll show te rest of the LO's.


24 aug. 2010

Dutch Dare sketch #30

So there I'm again this time I'll show you the Dutch Dare sketch challenge of last week (#30). The sketch was made by Margriet

Fun sketch huh? This is what I made of it.
Pictures of Tristan and me last may in Fouvent, France during a stroll through the woods.
I pleated the papersquares at the right side and put a pin through. I didn't like the colors so I withe washed them with white paint.

Here you see a close up of the pleated squares.

I realise now that I also didn't show my LO for the Dutch Dare challenge: Ik hou van Holland (I love Holland)

I used a picture of the lighthouse at Texel, I made the 2 years ago when we were there a weekend with my family to celebrated my parents 40th weddingsday (well not days of course I mean years...=)  )
I think this picture is so really typical Holland and I love it!

I also finally scrapped the pictures of our weekend getaway last newyears eve weekend. We had so much snow then, I can't believe when I look back at the pics. I made collage I picasa and used that for the LO, easy peasy. =) By the way I really love the journalinglines stamp by SC, ideal for straight written journaling.

And another LO I made of a picture of some flowers I put in a vase form our own garden. I used  older SC kits Baker's Dozen and Quilting Bee. I think they match very good together.

I have a few more but leave to a later post.

Have a nice day,
Hugs Astrid

23 aug. 2010

Back after a summerbreak

So normal life has begin again last week. Camiel went back to school: group 2 (kindergarden) Tristan to his well known daycare group. And Etienne and me back to work.

We had a great summer. We went a week to France (Fouvent) to visit my parents, a very relaxing time. Not much entertainment around there. We went 2 nights back to home and then to Texel for another week, a island in the north of Holland. We stayed in a house on holidaypark: de Krim. Friends of ours also stayed in the park. We had a great time, the kids enjoyed themself, so much to do for them. For Camiel it was all about soccer this time, together with Kimani. Here are some pictures of Texel:

Racing on the playground
Lots of soccer playing 
Making their own candles (and also soap, bread and paper) at de Bonte Belevenis

Brothers having fun

and more fun

Strawberries picking
colorful sign at the jutters museum

Just after this picture Tristan fell in the ditch (sloot). Oopsie. The first legendary words he said after he was out were : CHIPPIE NOU? (were are my crisps now?) They were left behind in the water I think he was only 1 sec in before Eienne pull he out. But he was all wet and covered in duckweed (kroos). My scream attracked  a few persons who work there, they came with towels and I could wash him in the sink. Our friends had some sparecloths (I only had trousers). So everything worked out fine. And of course now we laugh about it, now I regret not making a picture when he came out, but I was a bit in a shock ;)

Workshop martial arts at the park, Camiel showing what he can on the floor :)

Haring happen

Indoor playground, they all had a great time, especially the littlest (Tristan and Melvi)

Minou on the slide in the playground

Another one of Minou

We took our bike with us, it's a great island to bike.

Beach is always fun

Soccer on the beach

All of us together minus 1, Kimani didn't want to be in any picture anymore (partypooper :) )

We went bowling

And of course eating out, notice Kimani ducking behind his father so he again wasn't in the picture.


Paardje rijden, Camiewl don't like it  but Tristan really liked it. When the girl who helped with the horses asked if he wanted to ride the smallest horse, he pointed at the biggest one, no fear at all :)

Stoere Camiel

Katja en Minou

Back to the main land by boat

me and the boys

SO that was a picture overload. I'll save pictures of the rest of the holiday for later.

The latest Dutch Dare sketch challenge went live last week, I'lll show you my LO soon.