31 aug. 2010

few more LO's

Here are the rest of the LO's I promised:

First & last of school: Picture from last schoolyear of Camiel He changed so much I think it is fun now to see this pictures together. (I made pictures frim the first day this year last week, but the are really horrible, maybe I need to make new ones). I decided to make a spread that has been a while, but I love the result actually, I did two 8,5X11 inch pages. I used th SC continental kit (+ addons).

Schoolreis: Pictures of Camiel going on his schooltrip to Avifauna. I used the SC Summer Camp kit. And addes some bits of pieces of other kits ( I never seem  keep it to 1 kit). I notice the red rhinestones I use on nearly every LO. ;)
And the last one.
He wants icecream: A 'simple' LO for a change (and again 8,5X11 inch).  I used mosly the SC Continental kit. The flascard was perfect for it. And again I used a paper umbrella ;)

Thanks for stopping by,
Hugs Astrid

2 opmerkingen:

Margot zei

ik vind ze gaaf! vooral die spread!

D@nielle zei

oh wat een leuk idee dat eerste en laatste, wij doen alleen de eerste maar aan het einde van dit schooljaar doe ik het ook ! Vind je lo's weer superleuk schoolreisje ook leuk die kleinere foto's met dat witte randje !