15 feb. 2011

New LO's

Today is my day off, after bringing Camiel to school (from the start of this school year he goes on his own bike, and now of course on his new bike his birthday present), Tristan and I got to the consultatiebureau for his 3 yrs check-up. he got an eye test and some other little test and (of course) everything was OK. He neede to make a 'train' with little blocks (she first showed how), no problemo for him and later he even started to name the colors of the blocks, the doc was impressed :) He was quick for his age, something he has also started to do is counting things. So fun to see the development. That reminds me I need to start on his 3 yrs old LO. (and for Camiel his 6 yrs old).

Today Camiel has his swimminglesson, it is the first day they are going to swim with clothes on (shorts/t-shirt and surfshoes). he is in 'badje 4' now. I was hoping he could have he A diploma just before the summerholiday, but I'm not sure yet. It will be 1,5 yrs then, we will see.

Pictures of last weeks lesson.

here he had to dive/jump (in his case like a frog) in and swim right through the hole in the yellow canvas. 

 Today I also made an appointment to register Tristan for school, still a year before he turns 4 but before you know it, it will be that time. Time sure flies...

Yesterday at Valentine's day  I got the boys a little treat and the big boy a box of chocolate truffels (his fave).

Camiel got me a heart balloon (of course school arranged that) and Tristan a big kiss. (and also one from the big boy) Lucky me :)

And now to the LO's part:
I just was in love with this LO of Lisa Truesdell for SC: adventure. So I decided to lift it. I used a pictue of 1998, made in Annecy, France. I was a camping holiday of Etienne and I we went by car and had a tent. Old days.

Dank u Sinterklaasje: A simple LO with our Sinterklaas pictures. I made a spread, 1 page for Camiel's album and 1 for Tristan.

Finally scrapped the pictures of my surprise party when I turned 40. I used the flags from the FLOW agenda. I made it for the last sketch challenge at SC. I was also inspired by Maggie Holmes page see post of 02/13/11: http://studiocalico.typepad.com/studio_calico/sunday-sketch/

Tomoorow the new Dutch Dare sketch will go live, then I have more to show.

Hugs Astrid

4 opmerkingen:

Maaike zei

Supermooie lo's heb je weer gemaakt!!!

marsha. zei

Ik vind de laatste lay-out echt heel mooi! En die Sinterklaas-lay-out: ik heb me de hele tijd afgevraagd bij wat voor foto's je die CC-lijn zou kunnen gebruiken... maar ik zie dat dit heel goed werkt!

Monique zei

Die van Sint had ik al gezien, maar die bovenste lo is ook erg mooi. Leuk ook de zwemlessen...gaat idd even duren maar als ze er maar lol in hebben !

* Daniƫlle * zei

Mooie LO's allemaal. Die van je verjaardag is mn favoriet!