2 mrt. 2011

Dutch Dare Wat schaft de pot?

New Dutch dare: Wat schaft de pot (something like what's for dinner?).
In oktober 2008 I joined a project by Ali Edwards 1 week in your life. I made a lots of picture during one week. I never completed the project (still a shame), but I have collected all the foodpictures I made and used it for this dare. I printed them on small format, but what to do then? The forum of Scrapotheek came to the rescue, Monique posted a workshop (originally for the kwartaalchallenge which I don't follow this quarter) of a special minialbum. So I started to work on that which was not easy for me because I screwed up a few time, but with a bit of tape I could repare it.

The outside:
 The inside with tags in it:

 One side of the tags:
 Backside of the tags:

This month Marsha donated a fabulous RAK which you can win if you join this dare or the sketch of this month. So come on and join us it's really worth it!!

I also made 2 card last week (I only do that for special occasions ;)

For Petra who celebrated her birthday last week.
 And the inside

And sunday my sister in law Edith celebrated her 50th birthday. After I took the picture I addes a little punched butterfly to the lace...

Last weekend we were in Lunteren together with my 2 sisters in law and there family, we had a blast despite the bad weather. The kids so enjoined spending time with them.

Time to make the february LO for project 12, time flies... I already decided which pictures to use (the most difficult part I think) and printed them. Now the cutting and glueing part starts

Have a nice day.

5 opmerkingen:

marsha. zei

Het mini-album is super!!! Zo zie je maar weer dat je van een 'mislukt' project toch iets heel moois kunt maken!

Marit zei

Ook een mini-albumpje!!! Hihi... we hadden hetzelfde idee dus... (mijne staat ook, met journaling, op mijn blog vandaag) Ik vind jouw idee met die tags echt super! Heel mooi, en leuk hoe je van die 'onafgemaakte' dingen later toch veel plezier hebt!

Margot zei

supergaaf album! ik vind de rode 'bloem' op de voorkant zo mooi!

leuke kaartjes ook!

Petra van Osch zei

De kaart is natuuuuuuuurlijk mijn favoriet ;) (Hij staat nog steeds te pronken!!)

Je album is GEWELDIG, wat een werk en wat een leuk resultaat. Ik vind de vlinders op de tag zo leuk bedacht. Een hele smakelijke Dare!

D@nielle zei

fab project hoor ! en leuke kaarten.