26 mei 2011

creative weekend

Last weekend I was really on a roll (creatively that is :) ), made a few LO's and I really like them. If I my say so myself :) I can show you 2 now, I also made one for the Dutch Dares, but will have to wait a week.

Funny pics of Tristan in France with the old peartree in the garden, he was holding it, like hugging. ;)
I love the effect of the pumice stone distress ink (love that color) on the cosmo cricket cardstock with woodgrain reliƫf. Again I used ironwire for the flowerstems (I always love ironwire, I should use it more) and I love that used the really old big orange polka dot brad (isn't it great when you actually use your old stuf) for the inside of the sun.

Opa helpen (helping grandpa)
The last SC kit Lawn Party had so much fun stuf, I love the exclusive SC doiley paper (cut out a few doileys). I also love the backside (green chickenwire). I only have 1 piece so there I had a problem, but I have cut it strategic so I have left to use the barbwire side. I also love the paper towel circles, I have misted the with orange mister huey (SC).
I just love this pics, my dad was working in the garden and the boys (especially Tristan), wanted to help him with the wheelbarrow and I love that he let them.

Only 1 day left to work and then it's weekend. Well that is not totally true, because I have to be stand by whole weekend for my job (I'm a programmer and we are doing a sofware upgrade). So I take my labtop home, only in case of problems they need me, hopefully I don't have to do much, , but I have a bad feeling.

Further more we had a bad week last week.
Our wasmachine died and left us with a lot of water on the ground a some smoke, apparently something burned, but it stop luckely. I'm so glad  took a look at the machine before I went to bed. But now (of course) we already have a new one (because who could live without a wasmachine).

Etienne was at a weekend getaway with his colleagues because the boss celebrated his 65th birthday. He was in Friesland (north of Holland), they did a kind of real Frisian sports. (skutsje sealen, fierljeppen en also kaatsen). Well to keep the story short, he got a ball on his eye with kaatsen and couldn't see much anymore. He needed to go to the eyehospital, he got examined and different medications. His eye is going to be allright but all the time he can't see and details, so no reading and he can't look in the light (because his pupil stays really wide due to the medicine). After 1,5 week he can now reduce the medicine and within a week his sight have to be better. Really badluck, but I'm glad it's not permanent.

Camiel finally could swim for his diploma A last wednesday after having to do the trail version a second time. He woke up that day with almost 40 degrees Celsius fever, so that was not going to happen that day... My parents waited to go back to France do they could see him swimn. Just that day, what bad luck for him, he has to take more lessons the next weeks and has another attempt on june 22. 

But then again worse thing could happen. We will laugh about it in the future.


2 opmerkingen:

D@nielle zei

super lo's, ik hoop ook snel weer wat meer tijd te hebben om creatief te zijn want het schiet er steeds bij in helaas.
Not too much luck going on in your household, hope that changes soon!

Petra van Osch zei

Jeetje wat een verhalen..... inderdaad niet grappig maar hopelijk over een tijdje wel! Hopelijk gaat het inmiddels weer goed met het oog van Etienne en kan Camiel de 22e alsnog afzwemmen.