5 okt. 2011

dutch dare krant

And it's  already that time of the monthagain , the new Dutch Dare is online. This time the theme was newspaper. Because I couldn't come up with a subject, I decided to use newspaperas background. I Took a piece of cardstock and glued pieces of newspaper on it with Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi-Medium in Matte finish. After that I started to get messy with white paint, different inkts and I used a star as mask for spray painting (Miser huey Barnwood). Then I added a few embelishments, piece of paper and of cource a picture of Camiel where he was showing of his moves. ;)

Take a look at what creative things the DT made and have a change to win this awesome vintage RAK.

Last week finished another LO but I still haven't shw it because everytime I wanted to take a picture there wan't enough daylight :(  Fall is really showing his signs. Although last week we had really nice weather, a bit replacement of the summer we had missed this july and august...

Smile: I went a little wild with embelishing this LO :) I misted a metal heart (with a cutout pattern) and added green/white string. Futher lots of buttons and stones.

Last week Camiel joined a training at a beeball (baseball) team and they asked his to play at a tournament with this new team. He really loves it, the weather was nice (great for us too ;) )
And they even ended in 2nd place.

A few pics:

Yesterday I visited the St Maartenskliniek in Woerden to let a orthopedic take a look at my lefthip (also made x-ray pictures of zourse), because I have often pains and can't walk a lot without pain and so on. The Physiotherapist couldn't help me anymore and besides that my sister has hip dysplasia which is hereditary.
The result is unfortenately I have an abnormality at my hipjoint (already all my life). They can do nothing about it now (only some training at the phsysiotherapist to get stronger) because an operation is a step too far (which is really heavy and takes a long time recovering, half year or so). I don't see the need for that yet neither.
But I'm a bit sad about this, because it will never get better only worse....  At lease I know what's the matter now.

And now I need to pick up Camiel from school, he had a (cold) cookinglesson after school.


4 opmerkingen:

Margot zei

ik vind ze gaaf! mijn complimenten! zoveel leuke details!

Petra van Osch zei

Leuk om te zien dat je je helemaal hebt uitgeleefd met de krant: de achtergrond is schitterend geworden!! En ook je "over-the-top-with-embellies" layout vind ik helemaal leuk!

Wat rot om te horen dat er geen oplossing is voor je heupproblemen. Ik kan mij voorstellen dat je die teleurstelling even moest verwerken....

D@nielle zei

erg leuk gedaan met de krant layout, en wat een heerlijke lch heeft ie toch op je smile lo. Balen van je heup, hoop dat je je heup wat sterker kan maken !

Veena zei

Lovely LO. The newspaper background theme illustrates recycling. The embellishments showed off the beauty of your creativity.