31 dec. 2011

Top 10

Last hours of 2011 time to make up the balance. It has been a restless year, I've seen lots of sad and happy things. On to a fresh new year, with lots of new oppertunities and hopefully a few changes.

Also a nice moment to look back to all the layouts I made this year and make a top 10 just like last year

I don't think I made as much LO's as last year, I think it's because of Project 12, which made me struggle a bit. I noticed I also made quite a lot of cards.


There also need to be a LO about me included :) My little word for 2011, still working on that ;) Probably a lifetime project.
 Love that I made a relative clean design here (and love these paper together)
 Fun design and I love these flag shaped tags :) And that scribble paper :D love
 LOve the story and the background paper with the ink.
 Also love this story and circles are really my thing :)
 I choose this LO for the journaling very special to me . And again the papercircles (and flagtags ;) )
 Love the pics and the design and ink splatters
Love the memorie here, this LO hangs in my haalway :)

 Woodgrain with wite misterhuey swoon :)
 Th elast LO I made (is usually my fave ;) )   Love again these circles and of course the pic.
And red turqoise and green my colorcombo!!

Curious what your top ten is, give me a link if you made 1 and I come and admire. And I also like to know what your fave is of me (don't have to be of of my top 10 of course), love the comments last year.

Not much time left in this year, I wish you all good for 2012 and lot of creative flows :)
Till next year, same place, same gal, different scraps. 


24 dec. 2011

DutchDare sketch + LO

Last wednesday the latest sketch dare went live, this time it was a sketch for a christmas card made by Petra (wish I could make such awesome sketches :)

And this is my card:
The background paper was from a wrapping of a present I bought a year ago , glad I saves it.

 Last night I finally made another LO, felt like ages. I lifted a LO of myself ;)
This one:
 And this is the new LO: sweet child o' mine (like the guns and roses song)

 Wishing you all a merry christmas!

I need to work on my DD pages and soon (OK I said it before) you will see more!!


13 dec. 2011

Hiep hiep hoera

Gefeliciteerd lieve grote kleine jongen!

Camiel is al weer 7 jaar geworden, hij stond zich vanmorgen om 6 uur al aan te kleden, benieuwd naar zijn cadeaus en hij wilde graag snel naar school om te trakteren.  :)

PS ik zal snel mijn laatse DD pagina's opladen (als ik tijd heb, het is erg druk... )

8 dec. 2011

Dutch Dare #86 Q&A

The new Dutch Dare is all about getting to know the DD girls better.
Petra made a list with 15 questions that we used on our LO.

And this is my LO (the list is in dutch, sorry for the non-dutchies, let me now if you want an translation :))
I used this SC paper with all the lines as in inspiration.

Come over and join us and scrap about yourself! Something most of us don't do often, now is the time!!

Tomorrow I will update with more December Daily pages.


4 dec. 2011

DD - Day 3

Today we celebrated Sinterklaas at our house together with my parents. Our neighbourgh who was working on his car in from of the house, opted to knock our door so the kids could find the sack with presents, he was almost to slow with running away ;)  But luckily Etienne saw 2 Zwarte Pieten outside (who were leaving from a party another neighbourg in our street), and they saved the day ;)

The boys were spoiled, Camiel loved the special Stabilo pen the most  :) He also got a LEGO cars 2, zeeslag game, a build a house box, a smurfen book, a hotwheels addon box and a box to make magnets.

Tristan loved his HotWheels shark track, but also his book about a litlle bear and his mommy. He also got something of LEGO cars, a BOBO friendbook, playdough set, a game (kind of Jenga) and big ironbeads.  To make it short they were spoiled :)

Tomorrow  they have the last Sinterklaas celebrations, Camiel on school and BSO (daycare after school) and Tristan on daycare, in between I have to work so it's a busy day. And then I'm glad that is over ;)  And next week we start with the  birthday celebrations, hooray for december :) But I have lots to document about in my DD :D

But what I wanted to show is day 3 page of my DD:
We made a cute selfportrait, great starting point to write about how december is all about family.

The page on its own

Page with the the number overlay on top
 And the number overlay flipped so you can see the number,
the coasters were included in the kit. 
You can see the day 4 number page peek through at the right side

Thanks for passing by.

3 dec. 2011

DD day2

And here is my second page for the december daily.

I wanted t document the 'Sinterklaas' celebrations we had last week at my workplace. So not a picture that was made on this day exactly.

with the number page

The print with the words: december was a digital sheet of Ali Edwards which we got on the SCboard (esclusive board wasincluded with the kit)
I embossed the 2 with red ZING powder, I cut the 'Zwarte Piet' from a chocolate letter (typical dutch Sinterklaas treat) package.


2 dec. 2011

December Daily day 1

ETA: I update the pics with better ones in daylight :)
Yes it's that time again, december.  Time for another december daily, after looking through DD of last year and seeing the SC/Ali Edwards kit I decided to do another round. Hope I can keep up in this really busy month (Sinterklaas, 2 birthdays, parties, christmas celebrations, work and so on...)  But that also means I have lots to document.

Unfortunately the AC binder wasn't included in my kit :(  I hope to get it soon...SO I had to make my basepages without the page protectors.

Here are the first (title) pages . (I made this pictures with lamp light, I will made new ones in daylights soon. I copied the pocket idea of Ali.

 the pockets
 The title page, I sprayed the paper with cream mister Huey and after that glitter spray

And this is my day 1 page: I made a picture of the boys opening the first door of the Playmobil Advent calender.
For every day I also have made an in between page of paper or overlay with the number of the day like Ali.

I also made day 2, but no pic yet. So I'm totally up to date :)