4 dec. 2011

DD - Day 3

Today we celebrated Sinterklaas at our house together with my parents. Our neighbourgh who was working on his car in from of the house, opted to knock our door so the kids could find the sack with presents, he was almost to slow with running away ;)  But luckily Etienne saw 2 Zwarte Pieten outside (who were leaving from a party another neighbourg in our street), and they saved the day ;)

The boys were spoiled, Camiel loved the special Stabilo pen the most  :) He also got a LEGO cars 2, zeeslag game, a build a house box, a smurfen book, a hotwheels addon box and a box to make magnets.

Tristan loved his HotWheels shark track, but also his book about a litlle bear and his mommy. He also got something of LEGO cars, a BOBO friendbook, playdough set, a game (kind of Jenga) and big ironbeads.  To make it short they were spoiled :)

Tomorrow  they have the last Sinterklaas celebrations, Camiel on school and BSO (daycare after school) and Tristan on daycare, in between I have to work so it's a busy day. And then I'm glad that is over ;)  And next week we start with the  birthday celebrations, hooray for december :) But I have lots to document about in my DD :D

But what I wanted to show is day 3 page of my DD:
We made a cute selfportrait, great starting point to write about how december is all about family.

The page on its own

Page with the the number overlay on top
 And the number overlay flipped so you can see the number,
the coasters were included in the kit. 
You can see the day 4 number page peek through at the right side

Thanks for passing by.

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irene zei

Leuk Astrid, wat een gave foto van jullie gezin. En zo te zien hadden jullie een super Sinterklaas.

D@nielle zei

you are so brave to make a DD, love your pages so far !