2 dec. 2011

December Daily day 1

ETA: I update the pics with better ones in daylight :)
Yes it's that time again, december.  Time for another december daily, after looking through DD of last year and seeing the SC/Ali Edwards kit I decided to do another round. Hope I can keep up in this really busy month (Sinterklaas, 2 birthdays, parties, christmas celebrations, work and so on...)  But that also means I have lots to document.

Unfortunately the AC binder wasn't included in my kit :(  I hope to get it soon...SO I had to make my basepages without the page protectors.

Here are the first (title) pages . (I made this pictures with lamp light, I will made new ones in daylights soon. I copied the pocket idea of Ali.

 the pockets
 The title page, I sprayed the paper with cream mister Huey and after that glitter spray

And this is my day 1 page: I made a picture of the boys opening the first door of the Playmobil Advent calender.
For every day I also have made an in between page of paper or overlay with the number of the day like Ali.

I also made day 2, but no pic yet. So I'm totally up to date :)


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