8 feb. 2012

Dutch Dare kermis

Last weeks dare was all about the kermis (fair). I used a few pics of last years queensday. When I made the LO I thought it was kind of clean and a bit too simple, so I added some mist which got out of hand ;) Just like a kermis ;)

I also have another  LO that I didn't show here yet. About Tristan at almost four, what a thinker he is already ;)  Made it for a callenge t use old and newer pattern paper. The old paper is from Scenic Route, still love it actually.

Last monday Tristan turned 4, we celebrated it last saturday, he enjoyed it so much. The presents the cake, the kids, the playing in the snow.  More pictures in week 5 of my PL  (in the next post).


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Cynthia van der Wilk zei

Mooie layouts hoor. De eerste had ik natuurlijk al gezien, maar de tweede niet.