9 feb. 2012

PL week 4 + 5

Week 4:

 And again this week a sleeping child  ;)  This time the little stinker sneaked out of his own bed ( while we were still downstairs), got a mug with a birthday trait of he got that day of the cupboard, and had had enjoyed most of the candy that were in there.
Also the boys went for a haircut.

And now week 5, that was a busy week. TRistan his birthday, farewell to daycare Ketelbinkie, we went out to dinner to celbrate his 4th. His first schoolday, and we also got snow and went iceskating. I made a spread and a half page and used a A4 inserts with collages of his party and the iceskating.

 Left page, I used the 'four' shaped sterretje that wason his cake on the weekcard.

 The inserts:

Still up to date with PL :) Still happy that I joined in!! The kids just  love to look in the book.


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