19 feb. 2012

X-mas tradition + PL week 6

Made this LO last night, Picture is taken on christmasday  at my parents. The last years we made this selfportrait of all of us, so I becomes kind of a tradition. I already saw that I wrote the wrong year, will have to correct that.

And this is my week 6, I only made one page protector, because the week before were 3pp's and now I can start we a spread for next week.

  Tristan fell on the ice last sunday during iceskating. He was bleeding heavily, we went to the hospital to check on him, if he had loose teeth or something wrong with his jaw. But that was all OK, only wounds on his nose, lip, chin and gum. Poor little boy.

 LOts of walking this week, because I was to slippery to go by bike in the snow. I can't park my car at my my work, because I live too close by and the direct neighbourhood is all paid parking. Sometimes I go to school by car, bring Camiel then walk to the building of Tristan (Camiel's classroom is in a dependance) end then walk to work. I prefer to go by bike though ;)

Enjoy your sunday!!


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Gave layout en superuitwerking van je PL. Die opmerking "ik wil nieuw zijn maar ik ben kapot", geweldig!