20 dec. 2008

Lots of stuff

So lots of stuff happend meanwhile. First we had Sinterklaas who brought us a visit, at my work, at daycare and at 5 dec. we celebrated it with my parents and sister at our place and of course lots of presents.
This is at my work, he didn't wanted to sit in the front with the other kids, just wanted to be with us, also didn't wanted to make a picture with zwarte piet (a colleague of me)

We had just enough time to take a picture before Tristan was getting upset.

At daycare:

Here we are at daycare, where he was even more impressed, he didn't want to leave me for an inch. But when we left he told me that it wasn't the real Sinterklaas, almost 4 and already doubting, he said his beard was different. He really is a boy who sees lots of details, so funny.

Hulp zwarte piet Tristan (Black Pete's little helper Tristan)

Sinterklaas eve 'Zwarte Piet' left the bag in Camiel's room and forgot to lock the window behind him, luckly we got a letter in the mailbox we had to search. Camiel loved that part and of course unpacking his presents and the ones from the rest too if he had the change ;)

Then we picked up our trees (yes treeS we got 2 little ones to place in the window-sill, we already do this for years, easy if you don't have much room for a big one, a very handy away from little hands who like to grap everything).

Camiel picked his own little tree and all red decorations.

We got to meet little Melvi, 3rd child of friends we met during our summer holiday in 2007, such a sweet and mellow little boy.

Then it was time for Camiel to say goodbye to daycare Ketelbinkie and also celebrating his 4 th birthday.

I made his 2 main 'juffen' a little album with pictures, they really likes it. (forgot to take pictures)

Together with juf Inge.

He is really gonna miss them, luckely he can see them if we take Tristan to the babygroup.

I made this crocodiles out of cucumbers and cheese to treat the other kids, they really likes it, they even ate the cucumber. (I didn't come up with this myself, I got it from the internet)

So you can say I had a very busy time. And on top of that we celebrated Camiel's 4th birthday birthday together with Etienne's birthday, not much pictures of that, to busy with entertaining the guests.

We got Camiel a new bike, he still needs the trainer wheels, but it is so much fun to see him go on his new bike, he loves it.

I ordered this cake at HEMA I got the picture from the net, not really creative maybe, but you can't do it all ;) And he liked it (of course he likes everything with cars). Needless to say he was really spoiled, first Sinterklaas then his birthday, bad timing....

I got Etienne 3 canvasses for his birthday, black and white of the boys and a familyportrait. I made a composition on the wall with an S (first letter of our family name) which I painted teal and distressed a bit. I really love it, sorry no picture of that yet.

And that it was Camiel his first real week at school, after a few try outs the last weeks. Of course the last week for the christmasholiday is not a normal week. Thursday afternoon they had a celebration in the church, The little ones sang a song together, you see him in the middle with his orange sweater. So proud of him he was really singing and enjoying it.

And in the evening they had christmas diner together in the classroom, everyone was dressed so fancy. If I knew I would have put him something else on, Ok really unexperience here :)

He loved everything, but today he was really hyper and too tired, but he didn't want to do a nap anymore. So lots of crying over nothing. Poor boy, a little too much for him (of course).

And tomorrow we celebrate my father's birthday and then christmas. But we are not making a big fuss. Just quietly celebrating together, just what we need.

Tristan is a bit ill the last days, lots of running noses, coughing, sleeping bad (so we also...). poor boy. He can pull himself up to stand, so he is practicing that a lot. And today was the first time he was clapping his hands, so cute.

Still busy with december daily album, not much time for it which is a pity, but I really want to finish it, I still have time. Not much scrapping done meanwhile. I still have some LOs of weeks ago, I want to show. But I 'do that next time. This post took me ages to make, especially with all the pictures. But I'm glad I documented it.

See you! Have a merry christmas (in case I don't speak to you before christmas)

Astrid xxx