28 jun. 2010


Haven't had time to make a blogpost about my latest LO's. But finally here they are, all made with the SC kit Partly sunny.

Killer duck: Such a funny story, when we were in Plaswijck amusementpark, Tristan had a sandwich but a duck  really tought he was entitled to it. He was just pulling it from his hand and chasing him and Tristan was yelling and afraid. :0 Poor boy

New home?: We came across this funny 'cart' during a walk in France.

Carrousel: Camiel just looks suddenly so 'old' in the picture.
Bord spelletjes: Camiel loves playing boardgames.

Dag lieve juf (bye sweet nanny): Made this LO for a sketch challenge at Studio Calico. It was a really 'simple' sketch made  form a LO of Laura Kurz, not my usual style but fun to try (and really quick for a change :)  )
Pictures of the farewell party of a sweet nanny from daycare both the boys had while being a baby. It loved that they felt so comforable and sat with her while unpacking presents.

So that's it for now.

I had a short day at work today, I went home early to watch the worldcup together with Camiel; NL- Slowakije. And we won, yeah!!  Camiel only has 1,5 day left at school and then summerholiday starts. And we have the right temperature here now, pff a bit too hot. Especially on the attack where Camiel sleeps.

I think I'm gonna try a little scrapping now.


17 jun. 2010

Dutch Dare sketch #28

De latest Dutch Dare sketch is live and this is it:

I loved this week sketch made by Marsha. Really great for a photosequence, like I did on our holiday in France of Tristan in the high grass.

Photoshoot: I really loved working with this colorcombo.

Come and join us with the sketch and take a look what the other girls made!


16 jun. 2010

the color room challenge

I saw the challenge this week for the color room and I loved the colors so I wanted to join.

Today I had a little time and gathered papers with the right colors. I didn't use the sketch which is an option. I decide to make a punched squares LO (like I did before), because I simply love it ;) I love to collect little bits and pieces together.

Play: lots of sewing and again used a paper umbrella.  A very bad picture, maybe I make a better one tomorrow, now it's to dark.
ETA: I have submitted this LO and they want to publish it. The first time for me =D

Tonight the new sketch challenge of the Dutch Dares goes live. I'll show you my LO tomorrow.


13 jun. 2010


Sundayevening equals blogtime. :)  We had a whole weekend with kidsbirthday celebrations, the weather was nice enough to sit outside in the garden so we enjoyed ourselves. Camiel also had a celebration of a boy from his class, Tarik. They went to an indoor playground, he really had a nice time. Love that :)

Didn't do much scrapping last weeks, but still have 2 LO's  to show:

Me @ 40: Used  a sketch (Studio Calico  ), I used a photo label punch for all the labels and I rediscover the Dymo tape.Paper BG, OA, stamp (SC)


Advice: Conquer yourself and the world lies at your feet. Picture made in France last may of Camiel, I love love love it :)

Leave you with this, how was your weekend?


3 jun. 2010

Dutch Dare Gek op bloemen

New Dutch Dare challenge: Gek op bloemen (flowers love). This is my LO:

Koolzaad (coleseed): Picture from our holiday in France last may. So many yellow fields of coleseed, such a happy sight.

Look what great LO's the other girls made, come and join us!


1 jun. 2010

Nintendo DS

Last christmasholiday we bought a Nintendo DS for Camiel, he saved for it for months and months. When he stayed 'dry' all day he got 1 or 2 euro's. He still gets accidents when he forgets to go the toilet, so it didn't completly work but it's difficult subject especially when you have a kid that hates to go to the bathroom even more then have wet pants.
But back to the Nintendo DS, it was something he really really wanted and he knew for a long time it would be a red one because that's his favorite color :). He has it for aproximately 6 months now and it is still his favorite thing to play with. Sometimes I get crazy of him asking, 'mom can I play on my Nintendo'. Because he is only 5 we try to minimize it till 1 hour (or 2 times 0,5 hour) per day. But it can be a struggle to let him stop and play with something else. I'm glad the weather is getting better and he likes to played outside more now.

Why do I tell this, well because I like to document it and I also did that on a LO. Voila here it is.
Background paper is SC Anthology, love that red color.


Thanks for looking. Tomorrow the new Dutch Dare sketch callenges goes live. Come and join us, we really appreciate it. I leave you with a little sneak of my LO.