30 nov. 2010

Daily December

I was still thinking about wether I wanted to make a daily december album. Knowing that I still had a half finished album of 2008 lying around. But then the Kwartaalchallenge on Scrapotheek had an extra workshop to get some extra points. The workshop was to make a cardmap. Because I don't really make cards, I decided to use it for my daily december album, I just added some extra pages.

I used a lot of stuff from my stash which feels good ;) I also had these vintage number tags of Elle's Studios who were perfect for this album. The fromt page paper has flocked candeliers, just love it :)

Btw: you can click the pictures to see them bigger, because you don't really see the details this way.
The front:

 The pages:

 The back

The challenge was also to make 2 cards for some extra points, I had some nostalgic christmas prints (Katie Pertiet) and made these 2 matching cards.

I am planning to blog some more soon with scraps I haven't show yet. Last month was not a good blogmonth... But december is always such a busy month around here.

Yesterday we had some snow, I had to bike home after work through the snow, pick up Camiel from the BSO, he had to rode his own bike and together we picked up Tristan from daycare (like we always do if Etienne work late shifts). But I was glad to be home this time, warm and safe. Today was also a cold day, brrr and they promised us I will be even more colder at the end of the week and more snow also. I'm glad we all bought snowboots last week. Brrr, I'm not ready winter yet :(
Thanks for looking!

ETA: As Irene and Anja already mentioned (thanks), I forgot day 31 (too much pictures) but it's added now.