27 dec. 2009

3e kerstdag (third christmasday)

Yes it's me again ;)
Today it's '3rd' christmasday, Etienne really hates this when someone says this. ;) We celebrate 1st and 2nd christmasday here in the Netherlands, because the day after that is a sunday, many people call it a 3rd.
Have you seen my new blogheader, I thought it was time for a little change, a pic with both the boys.
How was your christmas? The first we had a nice breakfast together and in the afternoon we went to my parent where we had a really nice diner with my sister too.
The 2nd day we were home, didn't do much, just chillin' ;) On our dinner was a fishgourmet. The boys didn't feel like sitting stil at the table for a very long (actually also not for a short time...) So not really a succes... Maybe next year...
Today we went to Scheveningen to walk a little on the beach and we went to Sealife, ate early at Binkie Beer. A nice day.

A fun pic before 1 of the 2 christmastrees. It's hard to get a good one of both the boys...

Tristan loves shoes ;) Here his is in my snowboots, he really is a clown.
Camiel, he looked so handsome in his christmas outfit =)

I asked my sister to take a picture of us 4, the weather was gray so I had the ISO high, result really grainy pics :(
And a new LO, made with the Studio Calico kit Orchestra. Which was so yummy, right Petra ;)
I'm in love with the month stamps, I think I'm gonna use them on every Lo, or is that a bit over the top??
1 add-on contained a printer tray by 7Gypsies, planning to make something really soon with that. And today was the reveal of the new kit already, again gave in and ordered 2 add-ons, a my credit card... ALso ordered another printer tray in white this time. Fun stuff.
Eindelijk (finally)
Everytime I look for a good picture of my mom and Camiel, I found nothing... Funny faces, closed eyes (especially my mon ;) ) But finally in France I got my picture!!

I am home the whole week together with the kids. And we go the weekend of newyears eve to a Landal Green park in Drente together with friends who have 3 kids. So that gonna be fun I think.

Hugs Astrid

23 dec. 2009

it's me =)

So what have we done the last month, lots!!

We celebrated Sinterklaas at my work, at daycare (T), at school (C).

We celebrated pakjesavond(presentevening 5 dec.) at our friends home, were Sinterklaas also came to visit us himself. Look at Camiels face...

Tristan was a little afraid.
They got lots of presents!
We had sick boys.
We had a birthday boy, 5 years already. He loved his present (hotweels track), yes more presents...

Blowing candles.
His first birthdayparty with kids from school at an indoor playground.

Lots of snowfun.
Building a snowman. Which had disappeared the next morning, I didn't know snowmen could walk...
Want to see some of my latest LO's?

Droomland (dreamland)
I wanted to document the sleepinghabits of Tristan. I used 3d foam for the clouds, love the effect.
Sinte sinte Maarten...
Celebration at Camiel's school, kind of Halloween but without te dressing up part.
Love the fun effect of the background paper (BG), although I also love the backside of this paper. But I needed to choose ;) The monthstamp(s) is by Studio Calico (love it!)
I was in a creative mood, so I made 2 these canvases (I think) for our living room. I used lots of gesso and Claudia Helmut multi medium matte. On both I used a quote about trees, 1 in dutch and 1 in english.

Had this pictures as left over of gifts we gave the baby's at daycare when he move over to the toddlers. I wanted to used them to document that. I used doileys, multi-medium matte and mist as background. Again in a creative mood ;)
Tristan on the playground behind our house.
One for my love :) I made of few lovely pictures in the woods last fall, this is one of them .
Strike a pose
This is what I get when I as for a picture ;)
This picture was also made in the woods, love it. Documenting some nicknames we have for Tristan. :o)

So that's it for now. I have lots more older Lo that I didn't show yet. Maybe in a later post, wish I was better in posting, but I just hate adding pictures in blogger, is that only me. Especially when you have lots. Maybe there is a better way, I don't know how.
If I don't speak to you anymore, I wish you all lots of christmas fun!
ETA totally forget to mention today is my dad's birthday, van harte gefeliciteerd pa!!
(don't think he reads my blog but can't forget that).

27 okt. 2009


Yes its me :) Hope someone missed me.... It's been months, I don't know, just didn't feel like blogging, nothing perticular actually.

What have I been up to, just the usual. First we have been on vacation in France, visiting my parents and a week in a mobilhome in Southern Fance near the beach. We discovered that Tristan really don't like long rides in the car.... But it was nice though a bit too busy with two small kids.
After that working and lots of scrapping. Here are the last serie of LO's. You can view the details in my gallery on SIStv (-> looks to the right) if you're interesting. Most supplies of the LO's are from Studio Calico kits, that actually the only place where I buy my supplies lately. Today was the preale for subbers for the nov. kit and I also bought an addon and some other stuff from the shop, love that place :)

Reasons why we love our dad
I made this for Etienne because we are going through a rough phase with the kids lately, just to cheer him up.
It was also for a challenge on Studio Calico, I used a page from a magazine as inspiration (no image sorry) but it had all lovely shelves, hence the woodveneer.
First haircut of Tristan, the colors of the pictures where horrible but I wanted to use them anyway. I included some hair in a envelop in which I made a venster.
You two.
I adore this picture of my boys. It is made in France at my parents house. They painted that door of the shed now, so I'm I made this picture. I misted the green stars. STill love this colorcombination: red and green.

Camiel and my dad picking prums in their garden (also Fance). Just love that we have this opportunity. This mayaroad kaft envelops are so much fun and also the acrylic buterfly.

Fall pictures of last year. Again a great MR envelop. The stiching came with the SassFrass paper. ;)
Carrousel love.
Pictures also from our holiday, the carrousel was a big hit, especially Tristan likes it, smiling and waving whole the ride :) (Stamped on the acrylic butterfly)
Last year carving pictures. It was the first time we did it. We like it so decided to do it again this year.
Tristan having fun on the beach (he is always singing and dancing, always so cheerful :D )
The background is a SC exclusive paper. I used the map to point our journey out.

Dag 1.
First day of school this schoolyear, still in group 1 (because he is a december kid)
Evidence of fall.
I love pictures of toadstools (mushrooms), these are also from last year.
The circle paper is also a SC exclusive, isn't it awesome? I added some other circles and also made a circle from the wood rubon.

Well that was a lot to look at, hope you made it all to the end ;)
Anybody still reading?? If so leave me a message, I appreciate it.
Hugs, Astrid

27 jul. 2009

Almost on holiday

It's been a month exactually, so it's about time.

Camiel has already 2 weeks vacation. So once in a while we do something fun and he visits the BSO (after school care) where the also do fun stuff like bowling and going to the movies, so he is enjoying himself. And we almost go to France visiting my parents there and 1 week we stay in a mobile-home in the Sout of France on a campplace right next to the beach. So much looking forward to it!!

In the meanwhile I have done some scrapping. This is the result:

He loves the kermis
Pictures made on last queensday on a fair. Camiel Loved avery bit of it :) Letters are cut out of studio calico paper. I smeared distres ink onto white dotted bazzil cardstock as background.

Mannendag (menday)

While I was at work and the kids had a day off, my DH and 2 sons watched a DVD together and of course some popcorn. I think this picture is so cute.

I wrote a qoute with silver gelpen on the picture, I used walnut veneer, a metal butterfly, vintage buttons, I made the 'vines of the flower with metalthread.
I really love the colors in the LO and the texture.


Studio Calico kit. Pictures of Camiel balancing on a cord during a party of the daycare/ after school care.

I'm busy with a minbook for Tristan with picturecollages of him from birth till 1 year old. I'm almost finished yeah, I'm glad because i'm afraid I didn't finish it at all if I waited any longer. Only some journaling to write, and a little pimping the front, and I'm a happy girl. I think it so much fun to see how much a child change in its first year. Pictures will follow...
That's it for now. Enjoy the summer and your holiday!
Hugs Astrid

27 jun. 2009


Back to my healthy self and I have been very creative, made lots of LO's.

We are enjoying the nice weather here, so nice and only 2 weeks school for Camiel and then summerholiday starts. We are going to celebrate our holiday in France, in august, I'm so looking forward to that. First we are going to my parents house and then a week in a camping in the south of France, right next to the sea.

I decides to join a new challenge site Let's get shabby , the first challenge was to use a this picture as inspiration

I was inspired by the colors and the women in the pictures.

This is what I made: Diva

That's me in the bath on a holiday back in 1993, wow so long ago. Haha I look like a diva there ;)

And some other LO I made:

For the OLW challenge: GOOD

Life is good.
Tristan playing in the garden with litlle stones and love how he enjoys the little things.
It's the small things that matter most, Camiel eating a 'suikerspin' (don't know the english word)

I made this background by spraying different colors mist on the HS invisible cardstock, love the effect and I used BG papers.

Walk this way.
Yes the boy is walking on his own, so cute.

Another one of Tristan playing, on the slide in our garden this time. I used the july scrap-club sketch for this one, I used the june studio Calico kit, love the colors of the kit.

Picture of Camiel practising to ride his bike without traing wheels. He still can't do it, so we are still running with him and killing our backs ;)
Samen spelen (playing together).
Another one with the june SC kit, love that cherry paper.
Camiel and Tristan playing together, love to see that. Not a very common thing to happen due to their age difference and different interest.

Well that's it for today. Time for bed.
Hugs, Astrid