7 mrt. 2010

Sundayevening blogtime...

Luckily the antibiotics did it's work and finally I'm feeling OK.

So what else can I tell, weekend is almost over and it flew by. It was really cold but despite of that we wanted to go outside to let out the kids and ourselves ;) we went to the Kralingse Bos here in Rotterdam, to the kids Petzoo and the playground. We were really frozen when we got home and eat some soup to get warm inside. Yesterday I went out with a friend (Bianca) we had diner and went to a cafe, we chatted a lot, we don't see each other a lot, so we had a great time. Lat weekend I also went out for diner with another friend (Hellen) and after that we got to see a friend (Therese) of a long time ago perform with here group (singing). We also met another friend (Sandra) which we hadn't seen for ages (like 15+ years), we had such a nice time catching up, a trip down a memory lane. These aren't things I do very often, especially with the little kids, I don't find and take the time, but I need to say it it's really nice for a break...

Now back to scrapping :

Tristan @ 2: A LO to document the facts of Trisatn at 2 years old. I had a lot to say, but I like the way it turned out with all the strips. And I just loooove the background paper.

Zo vader zo zoon (like father like son): love the pic of Etienne and Camiel they really look-a-like.

You: made this Lo for a SC sunday sketch challenge, lots of layers. Journaling is about how I wonder what the Tristan would like to do when he is grow-up what his hobbies will be. Maybe he also is going to like surfing like his dad.

Have a nice week!