22 okt. 2008


Wednesday already! It is my day off, but it doesn''t feel that way. Pfff I have a little rest right now, I have a 4 jr old boy over to 'babysit' and Camiel and him together pfff I'm excausted now. Especially Camiel he doesn't listen and is so loud and really over the top, several time outs didn't work out. But Etienne just came home early to get a flu shot together with Tristan and he took the 2 boys with him. After that our friends with their daugther who have been to the muscical Tarzan, lucky them, come here to pick up their son and they bring chinese takeaway, so we don't have to cook.

The autumn really started here, so last sunday we decided to go for a walk in the woods (Kaapse bossen, Utrechtse Heuvelrug). It kind of a tradition to visit that forest once a year, although we skipped it last year due to my pregnancy. I of course took a lot of pictures, I made a mosaic of it.

I really liked the background of the puffy heart LO I made a few weeks ago. So I decided to try it again. This time I used vintage musicsheets, glued it on cardstock and applied some gesso over it with a brush (very lightly). I also borrowed my mom's sewingmachine, so I was happy to try that on my LO. I always love the effect. Isn't that bunny of the sassa frass paper the cutest. I also glued red rhinestones with the hotfix, used some red crackle paint. So lots of techniques here.

Thanks for peeking!

Hugs Astrid

12 okt. 2008

let's talk about the weather

Yep, the last days we had lovely autumn weather, the temperature was OK, no rain, no hard wind, just mellow weather. And it was weekend so we got some free time, what more do you want...
We had a little walk yesterday in 'het Kralingse Bos' my sister was joining us
Of course Camiel was dragging sticks around and tried to get one really long stick that 'belonged' to another boy but was guarded by his brother (oops that was a dissapointment). What is it with boys and sticks? :)

In the morning we also got a visit of my cousin Wendy + her husband Owen and their little girl Amy who is only 3 weeks older then Tristan. So that was fun to see them moving together on the floor. Tristan is almost crawling (but he moves, we call it 'tijgeren') and he can almost sit on his own. Not a little baby anymore, sigh the time... But I like that we get more interaction.

But I was talking about the weather, Camiel likes his umbrella, so he also uses it when it's not raining, who cares. And his rainbooths are also his favorite footwear, probably because they are so easy to get on and off ;)

Well that's where the following LO is about. I used previous month studio calico kit (the cute stamp of the man with umbrella is theirs) and I also made a flower with Hambly transparancy and a little flame to melt the edges a bit, it was a webisode at SIStv #67.

Next LO I made with cosmo cricket papers, it's about my sweetie Etienne. Finally I made a picture of him I really like. I also used different sorts of hotfix stones, I finally bought a Hotfix applicator I won it with an auction on ebay so I got it for a nice price. Really like this little stones. So prepare to see some swirls on my LO's like the one's from Prima.

I need (want) to get started with the 1 week in my life album, I was talking about it in my last post.
I'm also busy with a babyalbum for Tristan with photo mosaics of every week and later per half a month. Nothing fancy but just to document what he has done in his first year. Btw you can make the mosaic with Picasa (in case anybody is wondering), super easy and fun to use.

See you, Astrid

8 okt. 2008

blog changes

Maybe you're noticing some changes to my blog layout, that's because I'm following a SIStv class to pimp your blog. So that what I'm trying right now, don't have much time unfortunately and no big changes yet.

The first assignment for the class was to write a blog message about autumn.
I found this quote:

For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together. For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad. ~Edwin Way Teale

Last week Ali Edwards was doing a project: 1 week in my life (lot of you probably know), but I kind of jumped in and thought I will see where it brings me. But I actually really liked snapping pictures of everyday things. I didn't upload the picture of the last 2 days yet (well actually the last day I didn't make any). Here are a few I like of the first 5 days. I saw a double rainbow twice this week, and I had my camera at hand yeah!

Now I have to make a album with them, need to do that quickly otherwise I won't do it at all I'm afraid. But Ali is so great in simplifing it, wish I could think that way, would bring some order in the chaos in my head right now. I'm going to a rough time lately anyway, but that's a total different subject. Something has to change, but I don't know what or how. I have the feeling I'm only surviving right now.

I did made 2 LO's week but still haven't made photo's yet, so can't show anything. I hope next time.

See you,