26 apr. 2010

The eye of Etienne

First something about my new blogheader. I thought it was time for a change, the last was all about snow and spring has sprung now so no more snow. I made the header myself (you can see it in te childish drawings ;) ) What do you think?

Now the subject I wanted to blog about:
I told you that Etienne had to do an eyelidcorrection. I wanted to show (and record) the pictures of the before and after process (not during of course, don't think you want to see that and I wasn't around to take pictures ;) ).

This is the before picture, it's all about the right eye (left for the viewers). There was a big difference between the eyes, not huge, but it was really bothering him aspecially when he was tired. (I hope the correction helps a little bit against all the headaches he suffers from).
One day after the operation:
3 days after (huge black eye)
7 dats after (just before the stiches went out)
11 days after ( , no stichesI think it really looks good and almost no black eye anymore)
The surgeon was also satisfied, always nice to hear.

You look great honey!

Hugs Astrid

25 apr. 2010

Nice news :)

Pfff finally I can make this post, first I had no time and then I had problems with my wireless connection, in fact I still have problems so now I'm hooked up with a wire. Hope I can solve it soon.
But there is some fun news that I want to share with you. Last week Danielle asked me if I wanted to join the design team of the Dutch Dares. It was the first time I was asked for a design team, so I was honoured and of course said YES :) Take a look at the blog to see who the other new team members are and to see the sketch challenge of last wednesday.

This is the LO that I made:

Say what!: SOme journaling about the things Tristan says at 26 months old. He is so funny, look at that smile, nothing but trouble ;)

And this was the sketch we used:

11 apr. 2010


Yes I'm on a roll with posting =)
About a month ago I finally did it, dit what?? Nothing really crazy, but I bought a sewingmachine, something I have been wanting for a while, but I have no room where I can put it to use it right away. But the more i saw LO's with sewing on it, the more I wanted it, so I cave in. Now I have to put it on the diningtable (where I scrap) everytime I want to use it, which is of course not ideal (because the threshold to use it is a bit higher), but you can't have it all...

Friday I made a LO where I used it. What do you think?

Spelen in de tuin (playing in the garden: I used again older pictures of Camiel (because I ran out of printed new ones). In the pictures he is 2,5 yrs old (he has a black eye, I think it was the time he fall out of the highchair, oops) I used for journaling a funny quote of him. Sorry I don't think I can translate it in english, but trust me it was funny ;)

Etienne was busy today with preparing the walls of our hallway and and the staircase. Because in 1,5 week we have someone over who is gonna treat the walls. Can't wait to see what the result will be. Since the beginning that we live here (10 yrs ago), I was not really satisfied about it, so it was time.
Coming tuesday Etienne has to go to the hospital to get a little operation on his eye. He suffers from a hanging eyelid, it is not really a mayor thing but he really hates it. I hope everything goes well and the result is was he hopes. Maybe I should take a before and after picture.


10 apr. 2010

Another printerbox

After I made my 7G printerbox project (see this post) and hang it on my livingroom wall, I was so happy with it. So I decided to make another one. This time a white tray, I wanted to hang it on our (newly) gray painted kitchenwall and wanted to use only papers and a little bit of embelishments. But when Etienne saw the result he asked why are there no pictures in it? So it added 1 picture, because he was right (a little ;) ) This is the result:


6 apr. 2010


Here I'm again ;) 2 posts in 3 days who would have expected that, not me.
Yesterday we all had the day off because of 2nd eastern day. So we decided to go to the zoo here in Rotterdam, Blijdorp. We were not the only ones ;) we couldn't even park on he (big) parking lot. So we had to walk a bit and wait a bit in the queue, but we knew that. We decided to buy another subscription, we stopped ours a year ago, but get a new one we have a 'Rotterdampas' so we have a discount, which is always nice .

Of course I had to practise my photography skills, I had my kitlens (18-55mm) with me not the 50mm. This are a few of my favorite.

Camiel (decided to cut his hair really short s few weeks ago, a totally different look, what do you think)
Butterfly garden

Camiel also wanted to take pictures of the butterflies with my Pentax, I lookes so funny a little boy which such a big camera. But he did a good job, this is one a the picture of him (we do you think).
I think his next birthday or another opportunity we buy him a kidscamera.

So that's it for now. I already got a new lesson for this week for the photography course. So I have to read, learn and practise again :)


4 apr. 2010

Vrolijk pasen

Can't believe It's almost a month ago I posted a blog. What happened in march? I started an online photography workshop by Maggie Holmes, We're half way through already (week 3) and I started attemps to shoot totally manually. It's difficult but practising helps, so that's what a did. She uses a totally recomended a 50 mm lens. I looked around for a autofocus one for my Pentax, which was either difficult or very expensive. But I managed to buy a 1,7f autofocus lens at Ebay (it was never used ), not too cheap but I'm totally happy with it, now I can finally achieve the blurry backgrounds I love :) I got it last friday and already made a lot of pictures.

Here are a few photo's of our easter day (we had a lovely day at my parents).

We started with a nice foambath :)
Hunting for eggs (inside due to the rainy weather)

Playing, building with clics
Eating candy

Painting eggs

We had a yummie lunch and diner and the kids had an overdose of chocolate.

Yesterday Camiel and me went to a Ernst, Bobby and the rest show here in Rotterdam. That was really fun. It was the first time we went to a show like this and Camiel loved it. There was also a performance of Xmix.

And now on to scrappy stuff. Didn't scrap much, but I have a few layouts to show:

Ready: made this with a SC sketch This is Camiel at the strat of out vacation to Mallorca in 2007, time flies.
Traktaties: Pictures of making treats for 2nd birthday of Tristan
2: 2nd birthday of Tristan
Home sweet home: the boys goofing around
Zwemles: sprayed some yellow MR mist and the 'pinkisch' background paper

So that's it for now. Tomorrow another day off for us. I just saw on the TV that the weather is getting better, so maybe we can go outside to something fun.

See you later,