6 apr. 2010


Here I'm again ;) 2 posts in 3 days who would have expected that, not me.
Yesterday we all had the day off because of 2nd eastern day. So we decided to go to the zoo here in Rotterdam, Blijdorp. We were not the only ones ;) we couldn't even park on he (big) parking lot. So we had to walk a bit and wait a bit in the queue, but we knew that. We decided to buy another subscription, we stopped ours a year ago, but get a new one we have a 'Rotterdampas' so we have a discount, which is always nice .

Of course I had to practise my photography skills, I had my kitlens (18-55mm) with me not the 50mm. This are a few of my favorite.

Camiel (decided to cut his hair really short s few weeks ago, a totally different look, what do you think)
Butterfly garden

Camiel also wanted to take pictures of the butterflies with my Pentax, I lookes so funny a little boy which such a big camera. But he did a good job, this is one a the picture of him (we do you think).
I think his next birthday or another opportunity we buy him a kidscamera.

So that's it for now. I already got a new lesson for this week for the photography course. So I have to read, learn and practise again :)


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Jeanet zei

Hele mooie foto's!!Die van Tristan met de struisvogel is echt heel grappig!Camiel ziet er super uit met dat korte haar!En wat kon hij goeie foto's maken!
leuk hé ,een pas voor de dierentuin, doen wij ook af en toe een jaar.Dan kun je ook heen als het niet al te druk is en voor maar heel even ;)
Veel plezier met je fotografie workshop!