4 apr. 2010

Vrolijk pasen

Can't believe It's almost a month ago I posted a blog. What happened in march? I started an online photography workshop by Maggie Holmes, We're half way through already (week 3) and I started attemps to shoot totally manually. It's difficult but practising helps, so that's what a did. She uses a totally recomended a 50 mm lens. I looked around for a autofocus one for my Pentax, which was either difficult or very expensive. But I managed to buy a 1,7f autofocus lens at Ebay (it was never used ), not too cheap but I'm totally happy with it, now I can finally achieve the blurry backgrounds I love :) I got it last friday and already made a lot of pictures.

Here are a few photo's of our easter day (we had a lovely day at my parents).

We started with a nice foambath :)
Hunting for eggs (inside due to the rainy weather)

Playing, building with clics
Eating candy

Painting eggs

We had a yummie lunch and diner and the kids had an overdose of chocolate.

Yesterday Camiel and me went to a Ernst, Bobby and the rest show here in Rotterdam. That was really fun. It was the first time we went to a show like this and Camiel loved it. There was also a performance of Xmix.

And now on to scrappy stuff. Didn't scrap much, but I have a few layouts to show:

Ready: made this with a SC sketch This is Camiel at the strat of out vacation to Mallorca in 2007, time flies.
Traktaties: Pictures of making treats for 2nd birthday of Tristan
2: 2nd birthday of Tristan
Home sweet home: the boys goofing around
Zwemles: sprayed some yellow MR mist and the 'pinkisch' background paper

So that's it for now. Tomorrow another day off for us. I just saw on the TV that the weather is getting better, so maybe we can go outside to something fun.

See you later,


3 opmerkingen:

D@nielle zei

pfff ken dat gevoel, het posten is ook niet echt bijgewerkt bij mij. Je lo's zijn weer leuk ! Ik hoop dat het mooie weer een beetje aanblijft zodat ik weer wat energie krijg voor blogposten, scrappen & opruimen ach ja de leuke dingen van het leven ;)

Jeanet zei

Prachtige foto's Astrid en wat een prachtige layouts...ik vind je stijl echt helemaal geweldig!

Marlies zei

Wat een gave LO's allemaal, super!!