25 sep. 2008

2nd class project

Yep made pictures of my 2nd finished project of the class of Wilna. We made a puffy heart with a piece of fabric and I filled it with cotton balls, I handstiched it in stead of with the machine, which I don't recommend ;) The background i made by glueing bookpages on cardstock and some gesso. I also cut some hearts in the background, added puffy heartstickers (zeeman), rhinestones, AC sticker, Jenni Bowlin ticket. I really like the effect.

Here you see the dimension of the puffy heart.

As promised a pic of Tristan with his 2 teeth ;)

Last sunday we went for a little walk in our neighbourhood and look what we found:

Camiel was to pose for me, I made some nice pictures:

And I even Etienne wanted to pose a little.

So 1 more day work and weekend!!

See you Astrid xxx

Wilna's class

Really time for a little post.
We have been ill here off and on, lots of leaking noses and so.
Tristan is back on his medicines (puffers) I look like he has toddlerasthma, noises in his lungs and also eczema and he is really scratching and itching. So sad to see. But after a hormone ointment (hormonen zalfje) it is better now. We have an appointment at a kinderarts (paediatrician) but that is just 9 octobre. Hope he grows over it. I know how terrible it is to have itch all the time.

He has 2 teeth now, no photo here to proof that, next time promise. And he starting to move backwards on the ground and trying to put his butt up so he is in the starting postition for crawling. So cute but on the other side it goes to quick...

Wilna's class cupcakes and coffee at SIStv is just wonderful. Lots of painted art from her side which we can download. And lots of great new techniques. I have finished two projects so far.
I will show you one, the other I have photograph when I'm home.

We made the cute minialbum with as cover an starbucks cup, she is so clever. Because off lacking a starbuck here, I printing the one she scanned (on watercolor paper) and glued that on a Mc Donalds cup (yummie milkshake ;)). After that used watercolor paints. ANd I use this cute little hello kitty at the front.
Because I dont drink coffee, I focussed on the cupcakes and made the album about baking together with Camiel, which always loves, especially the decorating AND tasting part.

OK that's it for today.
Astrid xxx

14 sep. 2008


So you all had a good weekend? We were at the beach today at 'Hoek van Hollan'd'. The weathe was really nice, I even went barefoot into the sea together with Camiel. It was lots of fun.

A few months ago I mentioned I was busy with a canvas for my parents to hang in their house in France. So they don't forget about us :D (my little family and my sister). .I finally finished it and gave it to them, they loved it. I forgot to take pictures, so I did made some at night at my parents house with their camera, so the pics are not the best and I forgot to take picture of the little minibook that is inside the house with more pictures of us. It is a big canvas, i don't know the size anymore, I think 50x50 cm (20x20 inch). I made the stems with our names (in case they really can't remember ;) ) with Dymo label. The base of the house is a filefolder in which I put a minibook.

Vergeet-mij-nietjes (forget-me-nots)

Maybe I even have more to post tomorrow...
Hugs Astrid

10 sep. 2008

A few more LO

I decided to take a class at SISTV of Wilna Furstenberg: cupcakes en coffee (see blinkie on the right). I always love her work, so I'm really lokking forward to it. I think it'is gonna unique class. It starts monday, you can still sign on.

Now I want to show 2 LO's I am really happy about, especially the first one is my favorite right now :)

Pieces of you

I really love this background paper (CI, narratives), I used BG rub ons (the black spots), the white flower rub on is by Fancy Pants. The swirls I made myself with rhinestones (hotfix, I don't own a applicator so I used Paper Glaze to attache them) Prima flowers, ribbons and letters and many more.


Papers: SassaFrass, Jenni Bowlin; rub on: Fancy Pants; Stamps (alfa): Elsie; pompom trim: Papier Valise. I painted the 'jute' terra cotta. Chipboard: AC and letter stickers: Making Memories; Little bell around the deer's neck: HEMA.

I still have more, till next time :)

Hugs Astrid

9 sep. 2008

A minialbum

I made this minialbum already weeks ago, before my holiday, so really time to show it to you.

I used all pictures I have of Camiel and Tristan together. I used a maya road album but I had way too much pictures so I added lots of pages with cardboard and what other stuff I could get my hands on (from magazines and so on). I also wanted to do something with hearts, because I love them. I collected quotes about hearts and different techniques to make a heart. Lots of paint, hambly rub ons, transparancies, chipboard and so on.

Lots of pictures ahead, good luck ;)

Thanks for looking!!!

Hugs Astrid

As promised

A few LO's I made last week. Hope you like them.

Documenting the 6 months facts of Tristan


Camiel is definately in his Why??? phase :) Can be a bit annoying once in a while ;)

Just needed to write it down, to remember this.

More Lo's in the next days.

Hugs Astrid