7 sep. 2008

Long long time

Yep it's been a long time, life got in between blogging I guess and our holiday in France of course.
Which have been lovely by the way. The weather could have been better, quite some days with rain and lots of clouds. Well you can't have it all. First week we have been with my parents in their 2nd house in Fouvent le Haute, a little village in the province: France Compté; Region: Haute Soane. They bought the house last december so it was my first time visiting, I was really exciting to see it, of course I have seen pictures, but that's not the same. The have lots of rebuilding (is that the word? klussen) to do.

Here some pictures of the outside, like you can see they already did the shutters, burning off all the old paint, sanding and painting (lots of work it was) But it already such a different view, lovely blue.

It was really nice to spent some time with my parents there. Of course they loved to see the grandchildren for a whole week.

The 2nd week we rented a mobile-home on a campsite in the Bourgogne. It was next to a lake, which was a great area to walk around.

We visited some vide greniers (kind of garage sales). I scored some real vintage music paper and nice buttons. So I was totally happy ;)

When we got home we had still 1 week with no work, yeah loved that. Did the necessary washing and cleaning thing. But we also went to IKEA and visited
Madurodam, last time i was there I was a little kid myself. Really fun to see it again, Camiel loved it, especially the Sesamstraat part :)

Etienne and I even had 1 day together, the kids where at daycare and we did some shopping. We wanted to go to see a movie but nothing we both (!) liked at the right time.

Tristan is already 7 months... Already eating solid foods, which he seems to like more than a bottle of milk. He hasn't been feeling really well the last days, he gets 2 teeth at a time and also has a cold. Lots of waking up at night, lots of crying if we leave him alone in bed or in the box. He liked to be under the people :) Hope that will approve soon, so we get a bit more sleep. But he is still a happy kid in between...

So long post, anybody still reading :)

I have been really creative since I came home. Made lots of LO's but haven't found time to post them. Planning to do that in the follwing days.

The first 2 LO are of the scrap-club september kit, which was waiting for me at my neighbours house when we got back from France. And also the august Sudio Calico kit. Both are awesome!

For the first time I made LO's with the seize 6x12, really fun to try. And I used the vintage music paper and buttons :)

I found this picture of Etienne's mother in the 70's camping, nic eto work with such an old picture.

OK that's it for now. Try to post more LO's in the next days.
See you!

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