25 sep. 2008

Wilna's class

Really time for a little post.
We have been ill here off and on, lots of leaking noses and so.
Tristan is back on his medicines (puffers) I look like he has toddlerasthma, noises in his lungs and also eczema and he is really scratching and itching. So sad to see. But after a hormone ointment (hormonen zalfje) it is better now. We have an appointment at a kinderarts (paediatrician) but that is just 9 octobre. Hope he grows over it. I know how terrible it is to have itch all the time.

He has 2 teeth now, no photo here to proof that, next time promise. And he starting to move backwards on the ground and trying to put his butt up so he is in the starting postition for crawling. So cute but on the other side it goes to quick...

Wilna's class cupcakes and coffee at SIStv is just wonderful. Lots of painted art from her side which we can download. And lots of great new techniques. I have finished two projects so far.
I will show you one, the other I have photograph when I'm home.

We made the cute minialbum with as cover an starbucks cup, she is so clever. Because off lacking a starbuck here, I printing the one she scanned (on watercolor paper) and glued that on a Mc Donalds cup (yummie milkshake ;)). After that used watercolor paints. ANd I use this cute little hello kitty at the front.
Because I dont drink coffee, I focussed on the cupcakes and made the album about baking together with Camiel, which always loves, especially the decorating AND tasting part.

OK that's it for today.
Astrid xxx

2 opmerkingen:

Lynette zei

Astrid your cup album came out great...I love the "Hello Kitty" on the front :)

D@nielle zei

even een inhaalslag maken op je blog LOL je loopt zo snel achter als je het druk hebt ;) ...

Vind je albumpje heel erg leuk ! Ben gek op cupcakes & hello kitty ....