24 mei 2008

time to catch up

So what can I say, lots of things going on here. I survived my birthday, well I didn't have a wild party actually ;)

Last weekend my parents were married for 40 years (and that is a lot... don't you think) To celebrate that we went away for the weekend to Texel (a little island in the north of Holland) together with my sister, my little family and my parents of course. The weather could have been better, but we really enjoyed it. I love the beaches on the 'waddeneilanden'. We did some sight seeing, eating out, biking, with Tristan in a little cart behind the bike. It was hard working with that cart behind the bike, so I was told ;)

It was really nice being together with my family

We also went to Ecomare to watch the feeding of the seals.

Here is a recent picture of Tristan, 3,5 months already and he is getting big, more than 64 cm already. He is really easy going, he lets you know when he wants to eat! You can't deny that ;) But further more he is easy and happy, smiling a lot, he is doing fine at daycare.

Let me show my lastest LO's:

And there are more that I didn't show, I'll wait with that for the next post.

Have a nice weekend!

Hugs Astrid

9 mei 2008


Is er 1 jarig hoera hoera dat kun je wel zien dat ben ik! :oD

Ja vandaag weer een jaartje er bij, de 40 begint nu toch echt wel erg dicht in de buurt te komen.
Het is lang geleden sinds mijn laatste post, zoals ik al voorspelde. Het is erg druk om weer te werken en met 2 kids. Ik heb wel wat gescrapt, dat kan ik toch niet laten ;)
Ben nu op mijn werk dus geen mogelijkheid om foto's te posten, dus dit wordt een kaal berichtje.
Vanmiddag neem ik lekker vrij, veels te mooi weer om op je verjaardag te werken.

Prettig zonnig weekend allemaal!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me :oD

OK another year that I can add, 40 is coming very close by now...
Like I predicted it's been a while since my last post. Very busy and 2 little kids. But I did some scrapping, I have to make some time for that ;).
I'm at work now so no photo to post, very borring I know.
This afternoon I free of work, the weather is to nice to work on your birtday.

Have a nice sunny weekend!

Astrid xxx