23 jul. 2010

Summer holiday

That's what you get when you in the middle of the summerholiday no time/desire to blog. But here I am again. Athough I must say I actually want to go to bed, really early. Pff I'm tired, that's what you get with a 2 yrs old how thinks the day starts at 6 a.m.. I'm not really a morning person so I go to bed way too late, need to change that. We have a pretty good summer, weather wise so we did some fun things like going to the beach and going to the beach and going to the beach. Ok not that much we also went to a little festival in the park and just hanging out in the little pool in the garden. And our real holiday doesn't even really have started. We go to France and after that a week to a holidaypark on Texel. So looking forward to that.

Sadly we didn't won the world cup final :( But everybody already knows that. We sure had some fun while it lasted but  Life goes on :)

 Now on to a scrappy subject. Made a few LO's last weeks.

Herrie op de noordpool: One for a 'scraplift the person above you' challenge hosted by Stephanie at SC.
I scraplifted MariaL. Pictures are of a show of Ernst, Bobby & de rest Camiel and I visited.
No. 2 son: Tristan and me ( I think Camiel took this picture)  Made this LO for the Dutch Dare sketch #29, de sketch was made by Ellemieke. Take a look what the other girls made and we like it if you join us and maybe we pick you to be our guestdesigner.

Hug: Camiel and we of picture from back last christmas. He still really loves to hug, love that! A really simple design. couldn't come up with anything to add, so I leave it this way.

Movietime: Camiel and me at the cinema watching Toy Story 3 in 3D.

See you , hope to have some more mojo to scrap soon.


8 jul. 2010

Dutch Dare Hoe zomer hoe slomer

New Dutch Dare challenge is: Hoe zomer hoe slomer (zomer volgens Loesje).  I try to translate this qoute something like the more summer the more slower.
We have great weather around here. So Last sunday we took our bikes and went to het Kralingse Bos (a lpark in Rottedam), for some relaxing, paddling in the water and playing with sand. Camiel was on his own bike (20/25 min.), it goes better everytime. I made some pictures of the boys and the were perfect for this challenge.

Relax: I used a Studio Calico sketch (june 27th), I loved to use the tabbed folder shape. I used an paper umbrella (again :) ) for parasol.


Here is another LO I made,
Uitje (outing): Camiel and his class went on a schoolouting to the pettingzoo. I drove the kids and Tristan joined us. He was sitting beneath the kids like he belonged there ;)
Coming sunday our soccerteam play in the finals against Spain, that is going to be a very exciting game :)
We are ready =)



2 jul. 2010

Holland in the 1/2 finals!!! :)

Yeah! we beat Brasil in the quarter final of the worldcup soccer. Now we're facing the winner of Ghana-Uruquay which is happening right now.

I had the day of today because Camiel summerholiday already started early due to 2 studydays for the teachers. Yesterday Etienne took the day of and he and Camiel went to the beach (Hoek van Holland). They enjoyed themself with some one-on-one  father/son quality time, Tristan was at daycare having fun playing outside with water and so .
Today it is was/is a bloody hot day (above 30 C), so this morning Camiel and I went to the cinema to watch Toy Story 3 3D, there were only a few people. I tought it was perfect and good airco :) It was as a fun movie btw. How do we look with the 3D glasses ;)

Here are also this first day and last day of school pictures of Camiel, I thought I was really good doing that ;) 
I made the photo's from a different angle so difficult to compare but you can see in his face he changed a lot. Time flies. Next year he goes to group 2, still kindergarten. He did 1,5 year group 1 because his birthday is in december he will be a 'late' /older student.

Because it's been a while, also a picture of Tristan. He is is almost 2,5 years old now. And here he is doing what he likes doing the most: eating cookies ;)

Also a LO to show which I made last week.
E.S.: initials of Etienne . Another picyure of our trip to France last may.  I did a lot of practicing my photography skills.

Made another one but have to take pictures of that one.
Have a great weekend!