25 jan. 2012

PL week 3

Week 3:
The theme in my PL seems to be sleeping kids so far :) Agian I have 2 pics of them. (that when they are the sweetest ;) )

Another thing that was important was Tristan his first dat at school and Camiel getting his swimming certificate B.


Left side:


Behind the picture of Tristan his first schoolday I placed a card with more journaling, because I have lots to say ;)
 Extra journaling card
 Right side
 Tristan and Camiel took the bottem pics :)
 Journaling card written by Camiel about the baseball bat he got from his Etienne because his got his swimming certificate (he only began to learn how to read and write last september), love that he wanted to do this :) But I added a translation.
 And againan insert with a drawing of Tristan and Camiel.



19 jan. 2012

PL week 2

My second week of PL:

 I used a lot of stamps this week. Mayor events were Camiel his testswimming for B and Etienne and Tristan being ikk (and this week it's me :(  )

Again an extra A4 insert with the letter about Camiel his swimming for diploma B and a drawing of Camiel 
 Backside insert, a few hamsterbingo cards of AH , we won nothing ;) And the invitation for the actual diploma swimming (and he was succesful, more about that next week :) )

I got a haircut

I also made a new LO, but the pictures I made are unsharp, only 1 detailpic is OK, so I leave you with that and make new pictures of the rest asap.


18 jan. 2012

Dutch dare sketch

This times dutch dares is one I designed myself (insert proud icon), it's based on an older LO of me.

I made a LO about Camiel's 7th birthday LO with it.

The highlighted the sevens on the backgroundpaper with white embossingpowder. I also sprayed white SC mister Huey on the background to tone it down.
I had the red cocktail stirrer with the7 already for a long time, it came in a kit I think, didn't know what to do with I then. But hey they are seven before you know it ;)
I also used to new favorite punches the MS vintage doiley  and the new Jenni Bowlin tab punch
The LO is a bit busy but I love it!

Come join us with the sketch, look here for more inspiration and all the info. You can win this lovely RAK so what are you waiting for??

I will post my PL week 2 in the next post.


11 jan. 2012

Project Life

Now that I finished my december daily I can move on to Project Life.:)

I hesitated if should join it, because of the commitment and the time it will cost. But I just thought of the fun of documenting all the little things in life. Especially the details you will forget quickly, the things the boys say, do or make. So I just jump in a see if I can make it happen.

I already had an AC D-ring album that I use and I ordered the AC page protectors with the 6 4x6 slots (on both sides). I like the A style PP  of Becky Higgins' PL but I can't order them right now and I can  get the same affect with this pp's.

And I made a PL banner, I had seen it on other blogs and wanted to try making one of my own, not that hard actually. Want do you think?

This is the title page:

 The separate cards

One night I lay awake and had a brainwave about using the 1 year, 12 months, 52 weeks etc. :)

And this is week 1. I hard to get good pictures of the the page protectors I noticed, need to work on that.

Total spread with a A4 pp in between

left side:

I inserted the little verse Camiel got from school to read in the newyear, to show how good he can read now, he did that at 12 o' clock, so cute. Needed to add that.

And then I had the backside of the pp to fill, I used the self made christmas card I got, a great spot to save them :) Recognize your card??

 Right side:

Who is also doing PL?

This afternoon Camiel is going to do a test if he can take the diploma B exam for swimming. The testing is actually more the exam. I hope he passes because he really is a case of doubt when it comes to diving and swimming under water through the 'hole'.  And I'm done with more then 2 years of going to the swimming pool. I know I also have to do that with Tristan but then I can first take a break from it ;)


10 jan. 2012

December Daily day 24 - 31, finished!!

The last pages of the december daily are finished !! :) I'm really happy with it but I'm glad it's over :) But it's worth it ;)

Day 12, I skipped that page, I added some selfmade cards I got because I participated a swap at Scrapotheek (of Margot and Hetty, use dthe rest for PL).

 Day 24: Paymobil advent calender is finished
 Day 25: christmas day

 Day 26: day at the beach

 Day 27: boys sleeping together in 1 bed

 Day 28: christmas tree

 Day 29: Date with Tristan to Alvin and the Chipmunks

 Day 30: Date with Etienne (whole day :) )

Day 31: Newyears eve

 A very thick album.

Finished! :)