7 jan. 2012

December Daily day 11 - 23

Today I want to show the rest of the pages of my DD that I have done. Till day 23. The rest of the days I have picked out my pictures and made some collages. So I only have to print them, glue them down make the journaling and make the pretty. :)

Day 11: making birthday favors and Etienne's his big body builders game (he became 2nd in his class)

 Day 12: I still have to make, no picture yet...  Have to thinkabout that....

Day13: Big day for Camiel :)
 Some extra pictures in between

 Day 14: kidsparty for Camiel
 Invitation card for Camiel's party included

 Day 15: Decoration
 Day 16: kerstpakket

 day 17: party for Camiel and Etienne's birthdays. Those number coasters are really fun, only a bit thick for the album, I hope I have enough room for all my pages till day 31. I already removed some of the tick brad that I love :( to make some room.
 Day 18: Another birthday party, this time for my daddy.

 Day 19: Journaling about the boys 'playing' together
 Day 20: Swimming lesson of Camiel

 Day 21: Day out together with Tristan to Intratuin.

 In between pockets with prettiy stuff, I wanted to add more pockets but no room left in the album...
 Day 22: xmas celebrations of Camiel on school

 Day 23: Another decoration picture, an old window of my formers parents house, that we have in our hallway.

That's it for today!


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Petra van Osch zei

Het is inderdaad een bijzondere herinnering en de moeite waard van alle energie die je er overduidelijk in hebt gestopt. Wat is Camiel al een hele vent met z'n 7 jaar!