25 sep. 2008

2nd class project

Yep made pictures of my 2nd finished project of the class of Wilna. We made a puffy heart with a piece of fabric and I filled it with cotton balls, I handstiched it in stead of with the machine, which I don't recommend ;) The background i made by glueing bookpages on cardstock and some gesso. I also cut some hearts in the background, added puffy heartstickers (zeeman), rhinestones, AC sticker, Jenni Bowlin ticket. I really like the effect.

Here you see the dimension of the puffy heart.

As promised a pic of Tristan with his 2 teeth ;)

Last sunday we went for a little walk in our neighbourhood and look what we found:

Camiel was to pose for me, I made some nice pictures:

And I even Etienne wanted to pose a little.

So 1 more day work and weekend!!

See you Astrid xxx

6 opmerkingen:

Lynette zei

Wow Astrid...your puffy heart is gorgeous...I love it.

Grammy and Olivia zei

I saw your puffy heart page in the class gallery and had to come over here to comment--it is BEAUTIFUL!

Danielle Muit zei

Gave LO!! Vind het hart helemaal super.

Petra van Osch zei

Wat een leuke foto's en je class lo is super gaaf!

~Nancy~ zei

OMG.. look at your little guy.. awww.. He has changed so much! Love your new creations and pictures! XOXO

D@nielle zei

wat een mooie lo, ik herken de hartjes ! En je puffy heart is super !