4 apr. 2011

More LO's

I have a few LO's I haven't showed before here. 

Picture I made during a date night last fall, time to do that again... I love the picture. Love the colors of this alphabet SC paper.

Picture from a day at Madurodam, already 2,5 years ago. I made a collage in Picasa, I love to use that for an event with lots of photo's, so easy.

 Made this LO a little word challenge of Scrapotheek, the word was NEED. There is already a new word I need to think about.
My boys loved their Spiderman outfit, even Camiel who never want to dress up. So much fun, they both wear it to school cq. daycare during carnaval celebration.

An older Lo I made for a pass on LO challenge at scrapotheek (something gets a LO to lift, passes het LO on to the next person, who lifts that LO and so on).

Thanks for looking again :)  and feel free to leave a comment :)


2 opmerkingen:

Marit zei

Oh wauw, dat alphabet papier is inderdaad geweldig!!! En je 'spiderman' layout is zoooo leuk! Die foto, met die tekst erbij. Perfect!!!

D@nielle zei

jeetje ik loop echt achter ... Maar vind het weer top lo's !