25 aug. 2010

Pictures of out time in France

2 post ago I showed our Texel pictures now it's timefor the pics of our first holiday week in France (Fouvent at my parents 2nd house)

Details of the house
Another detail

There were a lot of nice sunflower fields (when we were in may we saw all coleseed fields, so also yellow) and what was growing in the field ;)
Horen, zien en zwijgen =)
We even saw a little deer, who disappeared into the field the sec. he saw us, but I had my camera ready, yeah!

Trying to make a good picture of the 4 of them, well this one is at least spontanious ;)

Sweet Tristan

Into the wide world

Also lots of cornfields

love this picture =))

Rope pulling ;)

Performance by Tristan on the mouth harp (mond harmonica), he had so much fun dancing and singing and playing. =)

Etienne and I also went 1/2 a day/evening to Dijon (nearly an hour plus 15 min. drive) A very nice city, this are the matket halls, which were already closed unfortunately. I love this markets with fresh fish and fruit and vegetables and so on.

Etienne, it was really nice to spend some time with just the 2 of us.

And of course also a pic of me.

Nice old town

There we are again

We went to a glass blowing factory, were was this statue.

My mom blowing glass

This was the result

Next post I'll show te rest of the LO's.


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Marit zei

WAt een lekkere zomerse foto's en ze stralen allemaal plezier en "relaxedheid" (is dat een woord?) uit! Je kunt wel zien dat jullie allemaal genoten hebben!!! En glasblazen... ik heb het al lang niet meer gezien. Vind het altijd zooooo mooi, ben dan ook weg van de laatste foto!

D@nielle zei


Jeanet zei

Prachtige foto's!Heerlijke vakantie!!Mooi nog even nagenieten ;)