22 dec. 2010

December Daily day 6-19

I'm up to date with my december daily minialbum, yeah for me :D I haven't made pictures of day 20 and 21. But I will show the rest, prepare for a picture overflow.

Day 6: decoration of the house can begin.
 Picture out of the pocket.
 Day 7: cooking together with Tristan
 Day8: Buying the christmas trees.
 Day 9: The guirlande I made the night before add a workshop (made a mistake in the journaling, damn.. ;) )
 Day 10: I received happy mail a box full of scrapbook goodies of Studio Calico :) I also ordered stuff for Petra so I wasn't all for me :) I also did the party decorations because next day we celebrated the birthdays of Camiel and Tristan
 Picture collage.
 Journaling on the back of the picture
 Day 11: we celebrated the birthdays, picture of the room before, the cake with picture and blowing the candles by Camiel. The metal flowers are from a magazine ( I think 'at Home') I think from a few years ago already. I addes some rhinestones.
Day 12: Decoration of the christmas trees, preparing of the treats for Camiel to give to the kids of his class next day on his actual birtday, and packing Camiel his present a bike.
 Day 13:  Birthday of Camiel
Day 14: Birtday of Etienne. Tristan wanted to give his present to Etienne through the telephone ;) Luckily for him daddy came home early from work so he couls give hime right away.
 Journaling on the back of the picture
 Day 15: kidsparty of Camiel at Piratenland, Gorinchem
 Extra envelop, for some stuff I wanted to keep

 The invitation, the table reservation page, 2 package pieces of the presents he got
Day 16: Christmas diner of Camiel at school
 Day 17: We had lots of snow, Etienne brought us all to school, daycare and work. I snowed all day.
Day 18: A lazy day, Etienne is ill, the stomachflu, I tried to take a nap on the bench and Tristan only wanted to nap in the livingroom.
 Day 19: Some snowfun

Still lots of snow here. Today we did some more sleighting down a little hill we have near our house. Kids had so much fun. Tomorrow  is my last workday of the week and next week only thursday and then it is the new year already.

Thanks for looking,


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Maaike zei

wat een fesstje om te kijken!
die bloemenrank op bld 11 is erg leuk wel merk is dat?

joanne (spagirl) zei

wow, your december daily is great! busy busy, lots of fun!

Marit zei

Wow, je bent goed bijgebleven met de DD!!!! Mooie pagina's zitten er tussen! Ik wens je vast mooie feestdagen!

amytangerine zei

looks lovely!

Jennifer zei

wow! You've done a wonderful job!! :)