28 jan. 2009

OLW: embrace

Here is my LO for the last OLW challenge: embrace. It inspired me to make a LO about myself this is the result:

A happy memory
Last month I made a Lo for a sketch in the magazine SCRAP! I sent it to the magazine so it could possibly be publised, the first I try for me. But now I read that the magazine has stopped, bummer ;) So I can show you the LO now I guess. Another LO about myself, here I was 7 months pregnant. I used a lot of glitter I wrote a qoute on the pink circle paper:

In the end all that matters isn't the things you did, what it's effects are today.
Not the knowledge you have learned, but how you applied it.
Not the word that were said, but how they made you feel.
And most of all not the moments of occurence, but how it's now just a part of our memory...
Everyday we make memories...
Let's paint lives with happy ones.

Next friday it's Tristan's first birthday, talking about time flying... We celebrate it on saturday not to big, I already ordered the cake we a picture on it with Tristan climbing the stairs. Tomorrow I'm making the treats for daycare, nothing too fancy and complicated.



3 opmerkingen:

M@risk@ zei

Wat heb je de laatste tijd mooie layouts gemaakt, en wat veel en zo divers. Jammer dat je layout voor Scrap! niet meer de mogelijk krijgt om geplaatst te worden. Ik vind het ook heel spijtig dat het blad niet meer uitgegeven wordt. Fijn weekend.

Jeanet zei

Great layouts Astrid!And congrats on your Embrace LO,made it into the faves, that's great!Too bad for the Scrap Lo but it's a wonderful one and I love the quote.
Congrats on Tristan's first birthday....enjoy!
Gr Jeanet

D@nielle zei

love that you scrapped about yourself, we seem to forget that don't we.... Too bad on the scrap lo but keep trying ! Congrats with the little big boy, time is just flying too fast...